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McGoughLaw P.C. L.L.O. defends clients accused of criminal offenses in courts throughout Nebraska and Iowa. We provide representation in a range of criminal matters, including drug crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and more. Whether you are accused of misdemeanor possession or a high-profile white collar crime, our attorneys are prepared to fight for you. Unlike many law firms that are willing to settle for a plea bargain, at McGoughLaw P.C. L.L.O., our aggressive trial team will never hesitate to defend your rights in court. As soon as we are hired, we begin a thorough investigation into the facts of your case; if there is a piece of evidence that will aid in your defense, rest assured that we will find it. Our wealth of trial experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the defense tactics to which local judges and jury pools favorably respond, increasing the chances that we can have the charges against you reduced in severity, dismissed, or dropped.

We take a unique, team-based approach to legal representation, leveraging the particular strengths of each team member, whether in investigation, witness preparation, or courtroom presentation. For the convenience of our clients, we offer free initial consultations and maintain flexible office hours by appointment.

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