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 Most Americans in Favor of Medical Marijuana Laws

While several states like California have medical marijuana laws in place that allow the production, distribution and sale of medical marijuana for medicinal purposes under strict regulations, the federal administration does not allow the sale of marijuana for any kind of purpose. New research finds that as many as three quarters of all Americans support state medical marijuana laws, and want the federal administration to respect these laws.

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 California Court Rules Employers not Liable if Workers do not Take Meal Breaks

In a ruling that San Jose labor law attorneys are already criticizing, the California Supreme Court has ruled that employers are not required to enforce the rest and meal breaks taken by workers. The lawsuit was filed 9 years ago by employees of the Chiliís outlets, as well as other eateries run by Brinker International. The lawsuit alleged that the employer violated California laws when workers missed breaks, because of overwork or some other reason.

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