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Law Firm Overview

Michael Hostilo runs a Savannah accident law firm that devotes its legal practice to victims of Georgia injuries and property damage. The firm comprises attorney Michael Hostilo and a support staff devoted to providing quality legal counsel for each and every client.

Our accident law firm meets with clients on an individual basis to get to the heart of the legal matter. We know that every client has different needs and seeks to establish a legal pathway to fulfill them:

* Paying off medical fees
* Justice for the death of a loved one
* Future financial stability
* Compensation for pain and suffering
* Counseling for new anxieties
* Replacement of damaged home or car

We are an accident law firm that builds strong attorney-client relationships and offers flexibility for the kind of counsel and representation you need. We will take your case to trial or negotiate a substantial out-of-court settlement.

We are an accident law firm willing to put in the extra care our clients deserve. We strive to meet any request for accommodations to ease the burden of your injuries during our professional relationship.

Michael Hostilo’s office also practices as an auto accident law firm. Mr. Hostilo offers focused counsel for clients involved in a wreck that are now burdened with damage to their cars and severe injuries.

Mr. Hostilo understands the mechanics of an auto accident and how the law views the unique circumstances in each claim. Years of experience have taught him what to expect in a court of law and how to leverage evidence and facts for positive results at settlement.

The doors of our accident law firm are always open to the victims of an auto accident or any other Georgia accident that has left them suffering. We are here and ready to listen, with the goal of helping you take legal action.

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Mike Hostilo Attorney at Law
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