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Law Firm Overview

Molina & Co's partners Rodrigo Julio Molina O. and Karina Edith Molina Rolon have assembled a firm of people-focused, bright, technical lawyers from Panamanian, U.S., and European universities with significant experience in working for clients and multinational firms abroad.

Established in 1980, as Molina & Molina, by the founding partner Juris Doctor. Rodrigo Molina A. (RIP), born on March 13, 1923, who studied law at the University of Panama. Well known member of important associations, served as Supreme Court Judge from 1982 to 1995. In recognition for his excellence, dedication and expertise in law, the Supreme Court Library was named after him. Later the firm became Molina & Asociados, growing and diversifying its services.

Our clients, domestic and foreign corporations and individuals, operate in various industries including corporate management, IBC’s offshore investment, immigration, real estate and tourism, reforestation, energy, banking, trademark and patent registration, trade and shipping as well as relocating to Panama through the immigration process (visa petition) and real estate options.

Year this Office was Established: 1980

Languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: BVI Companies; Foundations; Limited Liability Partnership LLC; Public Bids; Mortgage Loans; Free Trade Panama USA; Nevis IBC's; Relocate to Panama; Panama Pacific Special Economic Area; Panama Canal Expansion.

Areas of Law Description

Molina & Co. offers the following legal services:

- Offshore Incorporation

There are several benefits of a Panamanian Corporation: Panama does not impose taxes on any income or dividends generated by sources outside the country, even if the operations are handled from offices established in Panama. The corporation which does not carry out business in Panama, or which operates outside of Panama from an office located in Panama is not obliged to file an Income Tax Return form; Panama has no exchange control nor currency restrictions. The Balboa is the legal currency which has the same value as the United States Dollar. The United States Dollar is also used as legal tender; Panama does not impose any sanctions nor restrictions upon income accumulated by a corporation which does not carry out business in Panama, therefore, the payment of dividends may be delayed for an indefinite time; Panama Corporations Law (Law No. 32 of 1927) is ample and flexible. No significant amendments had been made to this law since its adoption; Panama has excellent facilities, air and maritime services.

- Business Formation / Companies in the British Virgin Islands - BVI

The organization and operations of International Business Companies in the British Virgin Islands (BVI Companies) is governed by the International Business Companies Ordinance No.8 of 1984 (the Ordinance) enacted by the Legislature of the British Virgin Islands. All information herein refers only to BVI Companies organized pursuant to said Ordinance. The British Virgin Islands are increasingly becoming an attractive jurisdiction for the establishment of off-shore corporations. Among the many advantages are the ease and speed with which a company may be registered, flexible and modern regulations as contained in the Ordinance, and the absence of any taxation on the operations or income of such companies other than a yearly License Fee refereed to below.

- Foundations

A foundation is a distinct legal entity (unlike a trust) but without member shareholders (unlike a company). The purpose of the foundation is set out in the deed of incorporation known as the Charter. It is usually used to preserve assets for the benefit of a family, often as an estate planning vehicle; it enables the separation of assets from the estate of the founder and ensures their independence and autonomy. The Foundation also avoids assets being held, directly or indirectly, in the client's own name, although substantial control over them can still be exercised by the client.

- Limited Liability Partnership LLC

There is a business entity under Panama law which could be referred to in English as a Limited Liability Partnership (“Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”). This entity is governed by Law No. 24 of 1966 (the “Limited Liability Partnership Law”). Limited liability partnerships are required to have at least 2 partners and can have not more than 20. All the partners or their attorneys-in-fact, as the case may be are required to execute the partnership agreement.

- Real Estate

Molina & CO consistently offers specialized services through a dynamic, well connected and knowledgeable group of real estate brokers, attorneys, insurance experts and bankers to assist you on all your real estate needs. If you are interested in relocating to Panama, you can find our one stop shop, which features three complete packages on investments or retiring in Panama with the legal, professional corporate advice with local expertise. Other services include: Future Projects Design, Development, Construction and Management Services; Search for adequate properties Titling Services; Hotel Reservations; Transportation; Joint Venture Counseling.

- Investments

Colon Free Trade Zone is the largest free zone in the Americas and the second largest in the world. Created in 1948, the free zone houses 1,751 merchants, receives more than 250,000 visitors yearly and generates exports and re-exports valued at more than US$11 billion annually. Just minutes away from the principal ports on the Caribbean, the CFZ provides local manufacturers with an international market for their goods. The CFZ success is due to a combination of factors such as the geographical location of Panama at the crossroads of the world, the Panama Canal, the fact that the US dollar is legal tender, a large banking center on its doorstep, a developed insurance and reinsurance industry, several state-of-the-art container ports and not very onerous business requirements.

- Public Bids

At Molina & Co there is a proven, effective, cost-efficient advocate and advisor across the full spectrum of matters that define public-sector law. Whether providing advice and counsel to the public entity tackling the challenges of impending budget shortfalls, dealing with the complexities of procurement guidelines and bid challenges, we are uniquely qualified to ably represent your interests timely, efficiently and with M&CO high-quality performance. Molina & CO strength derives from the quality and diversity of services, whose knowledge and experience as well as results-oriented approach, ensures that each client receives the highest quality representation.

- Immigration

Molina & Co attends legal needs in all immigration matters, including the legalization of the migratory status for foreigners wishing to establish their residence in the Republic of Panama. Our experience and commitment allows us to offer the best advice to retirees, investors and people in general, on the many alternatives under Panamanian immigration laws. Our counselors will file all the administrative documents required to obtain Panamanian citizenship. Furthermore, we provide assistance to multinational corporations or smaller companies doing business in Panama, to establish their executives or expert personnel in Panama and Colon City. Our specialized personnel will represent our clients before all pertinent authorities in every step of the process for obtaining visas, work permits, residence and citizenship among others.

- Banking

Panama is considered one of the largest International Banking Center, where banks are considered the most stable banks in the world. Local Panamanian banks as well as international banks in the banking system are legally regulated and offer the most reliable bank secrecy available today. The Panama Banking Center has more than 120 different local and international banks. You may open bank accounts with banks with which we have established excellent professional and commercial relations. Most of our clients are handled by the Private Banking Departments of our recommended banks, which have a bilingual labor force that will attend your banking needs and will assure promptness and efficiency in executing banking transactions.

- Intellectual Property

Molina & CO specializes in consultation, preparation and prosecution of patent, trademark and copyright applications including oppositions, appeals, disputes, cancellations and renewals. This is the process: Submit your trademark application using our registration form. Get up to the minute status and anticipated completion times.

- Maritime

The Panama Shipping Registry is the oldest, the most active and biggest with the highest registered tonnage in the world. In accordance with official estimates the registered tonnage under Panamanian flag in the world was above 90 million gross registered tons (GRT) and nearly 60% of new ship constructions are entering the Panama Shipping Registry. The work of the registry and the inspection through the numerous Merchant Marine General Consulates of Panama, located in the major ports of the world, as well an extensive number of companies and inspectors authorized by the government of Panama, have assured a great agility in the proceedings and an enviable service quality that no other country or maritime registry in the world possesses.

- Taxation

As a Tax counsel to domestic and foreign clients, Molina & CO covers all aspects of tax law analyze the tax consequences arising from transactions entrusted to it. Our group of qualified professional is prepared to offer tailored services and to develop sophisticated vehicles for financial and commercial transactions. Taxation Financial Structure: Offshore Corporation; Private Foundation; Trust; Mergers and Acquisitions; Fiscal Planning.

- Litigation

M&CO attends legal counsel and representation in all types of litigation and adversarial proceedings involving Panamanian law before the various jurisdictional bodies of the Republic of Panama: Civil Courts, Maritime Courts, Labor Tribunals, Administrative agencies, Private Arbitration, and Criminal Courts. Although approach is aimed at resolving disputes amicably whenever possible, our attorneys have solid academic backgrounds and experience, to conform a highly skilled team capable of effectively attending any litigious or other adversarial matters placed in our hands. Our litigators enjoy the benefit of the latest technological resources, which allow for quick and effective response.


Rodrigo Julio Molina O., Esq. Rodrigo Julio Molina O., Esq.
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning, International Arbitration, Foundations

Karina Edith Molina-Rolon, Esq.
Admiralty and Maritime, Immigration, Litigation, Real Estate

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