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MUL Law Offices Overview

MUL Law Offices, based in Antwerp, Belgium, provides a broad range of legal services for Belgian and foreign companies and individuals. The firm's fields of activity include commercial/corporate law – Belgian and international business law, establishment of companies, commercial agreements, contracts, construction/building, labour and equipment, banking and finance, enforcement of foreign judgments, and international transactions; transport law – maritime, road, and air matters of ship arrests, personal injury, property and damage claims, and related civil responsibility; civil law – civil and professional liability, medical malpractice liability, arrest and enforcement, personal injury, intellectual property, probate, and European Court proceedings as well as other matters of litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Karel MUL is a former judge at the Commercial Court of Antwerp and former president of the Conference of Lawyers of the Antwerp Bar. MUL Law Offices was established in 1971 and has been serving clients with professional representation and advice in their legal matters. MUL Law Offices aim to find solutions and obtain the best possible practical results at reasonable tariffs.

Year this Office was Established: 1971

Languages: French, Dutch, German, Italian, English.

MUL Law Offices Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt Recovery (Domestic and International); Belgian and International Corporate and Commercial (Business) Law; Establishment Companies; Company Law; Counterfeit; Commercial Agreements; Distribution and Agency Contracts; Enforcement of Foreign Judgments; International Transactions; Maritime and Transport; Ship Arrest; Vessel Arrest; Counterfeit; Enforcement of Foreign Judgments; Proceedings European Court; Property Rights; Successions, Wills and Donations; Buying-Selling; Physical Injuries; Civil and Professional Liability; Medical Liability; Inheritance.

MUL Law Offices Areas of Law Description

MUL Law Offices can assist you in the following areas of practice:

- Debt Recovery

We intervene for commercial debt recovery in the whole of Belgium and all its side-aspects, such as movable and immovable arrest.

- Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

As author of the Belgian chapter of the book "Enforcement of Foreign Judgments", edited by Kluwer International, New York, Dr. Mul is the reference for all exequatur proceedings in Belgium.

- Maritime and Transport

Transport is an important issue in Antwerp and in the whole of Belgium as we are a typical transit country. We intervene in all matters related to transport, be it maritime, road or air related. This includes all matters of civil responsibility due to accidents such as collisions, road accidents, airplane and helicopter crashes.

- Personal Injury

Accidents happen on board of ships, trucks and planes and their consequences are often dramatic. The party responsible for the accident should be held accountable but the way this is done may vary in each individual case.

- Commercial / Corporate

We provide services for all international and domestic companies on all aspects of company law, starting with the incorporation of companies, over their establishment and until their liquidation. We intervene also in all business related problems, as plaintiff or defendant, domestic and international.

- Construction / Building

We negotiate in all aspects of construction and building, from professional liability of the architect and the contractors, over faulty planning, to badly executed works. We intervene also in zoning and expropriation law.

- Labor and Employment

Our Labor and Employment department is headed by an off-counsel who lectures labor law at the University College of Antwerp and who is very actively involved in the reorganization of small and middle-sized companies and specialized in all severance fee issues. We intervene mostly in order to avoid the payment of severance fees or to limit their amount.

- Banking and Finance

We mediate on behalf of as well Belgian as foreign banks and credit companies, mostly to recover amounts due by the clients who fail to reimburse loans, and other related matters. We intervene also on behalf of Universities and University Colleges in Belgium and abroad in order to recover loans granted to their students.

- Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

Our law firm goal is to obtain solutions. The way this is done depends on the specific circumstances of each file. This may be by starting legal action or by mediation. If parties signed or agreed with an arbitration clause, the claim will be submitted to arbitration, according to the terms of the agreement. We can assist you either way.

- Oil and Gas / Natural Resources

An extensive part of our activities lies with contracts for the recycling of scrap such as metal, plastic, and many others. We also deal with all side activities that may be related to Belgium, mostly on behalf of foreign companies, such as the sale of petroleum, the fabrication of pipe-lines, machines for controlling the pipe-lines on corrosion, pumps and machinery.

- Contract Law

A badly written contract may lead to huge financial losses and liabilities. The contract is the law for the parties who subscribe to it. This implies of course that its terms must not be contrary to the Belgian public order or to good mores. We also draft sales conditions that may be used in transactions. The importance of sales conditions is often overlooked, which is an error.

- Wills, Inheritance and Probate

Issues about inheritance may extremely complex due to marriage, remarriage, divorce, children of one or several partners, children born out of wedlock, and other related matters. Moreover, there may be international aspects as well, and conflict of laws of different countries and legal systems. We may give guidance and assistance in these cases. Dr. Mul is the author of the Belgian chapter in the book "International Succession", edited by the Oxford University Press.

- Intellectual Property

Trademarks are primarily useful in distinguishing the origin of products or services and providing assurance to users of their identity. To obtain the exclusive right to use a trademark, it must be registered. Trademarks must be distinctive, lawful and available. You may rely on our expertise to protect your trademark and design rights.

- Civil and Professional Liability

The compensation for the damages that are suffered as a consequence of the fault of the party that caused them may be either in kind or usually in money, depending on the specifics of each case. The indemnification concerns not only the direct consequences but also all the indirect consequences of the faulty behavior of the party that caused them.

- Medical Malpractice and Liability

Specific branch of professional liability is medical malpractice. We negotiate often in claims following medical interventions, due to bad diagnosis, bad surgical interventions, and as well in classical as in plastic surgery. The burden of proof is in general on the victim.


Karel Mul Dr. Karel Mul
Admiralty and Maritime, Business Formation, Business Litigation, Car Accident, Civil Litigation

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