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-Recognized by Top Verdict as a Top 10 Settlements Winner for Personal Injury in Texas in 2020
-Lifetime Members of the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums
-Discounted 29% contingent attorney fee for cases not requiring litigation. The industry standard fee is 33.3%

Mullen & Mullen is a full-service personal injury law firm based in Dallas, Texas, with additional locations in Fort Worth, Frisco, and Plano, as well as St. Louis, Missouri. Practice areas encompass motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, commercial truck accidents, bicycle and boating accidents, workplace injuries, slip and falls, burn injuries, food poisoning, dog bites, assault and battery injuries, and wrongful death.

The injury lawyers combined have over 75 years of legal experience, including formerly working at Allstate, bringing an insider knowledge of big insurance companies’ tactics. Together, they are admitted to the Supreme Court of Texas, the State Bar of Texas, and the U.S. District Court-Northern District of Texas. The team also includes an in-house accident investigator to help develop evidence when necessary.

Established in 1982, Mullen & Mullen Law Firm offers personal attention, with customer service and attorney-client interaction a focal point of the practice. The skilled lawyers are dedicated to protecting clients’ rights, arguing the real impact of injuries on their lives, and zealously pursuing the most favorable outcomes in their personal injury matters.

Year this Office was Established: 1982

Languages: English, Spanish.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Walmart Injury; Grocery or Retail Store Injury; Traffic Collision Personal Injury; Commercial Vehicle / Semi-trailer Truck Accident; Pedestrian Hit by Automobile; Boating Accidents; Bicyclist Hit by Automobile; Injuries from Texting or Distracted Drivers; Injuries from DUI or DWI Accidents; Dram Shop – Restaurant / Bar Liquor Liability; Diminished Value; Hurt on the Job Accidents; Construction Worker Accidents; Electrocution Worker Accidents; Offshore, Oilfield Worker Accidents; Dog Bites / Animal Attacks; Traumatic Brain Injury; Birth Injury; Cerebral Palsy; Roundup (Herbicide); Tylenol Autism Lawsuits; Inclined Sleeper Lawsuits; Peloton Treadmill Lawsuits; Jehovah’s Witness Child Sex Abuse; Legionnaires’ Disease; Uber & Lyft Rideshare Accidents.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm Areas of Law Description

- Personal Injury

The lawyers at Mullen & Mullen Law Firm fight hard to help clients obtain maximum compensation for their injuries. Motor vehicle accidents, commercial truck accidents, slip and falls, workplace injuries, dog bites, and wrongful death are just a few practice areas in which the firm excels.


Joseph Morrison Mr. Joseph R. Morrison
Accident, Asbestos Mesothelioma, Bicycle Accident, Bus Accidents, Car Accident

Regis Mullen Mr. Regis L. Mullen
Accident, Asbestos Mesothelioma, Bicycle Accident, Bus Accidents, Car Accident

Shane Mullen Mr. Shane V. Mullen
Accident, Asbestos Mesothelioma, Bicycle Accident, Bus Accidents, Car Accident

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Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is Critical to Those Injured Due to Negligence

It's an unfortunate fact that injured victims of negligence often find themselves facing bankruptcy. A dedicated personal injury lawyer works on behalf of the injured victim to protect his client from this possible outcome, and secure full compensation for all costs associated with his or her injuries.

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When Do You Need a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney?

When do you need a Dallas personal injury attorney? Any time you sustain injuries caused by negligence that are significant enough to affect your life and ability to work, you need legal representation. Although it seems that since you were the injured victim it should be obvious that the other party is responsible, this is not the case.

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The Job of a Personal Injury Attorney

What you see on television does not truly represent the job of a personal injury attorney. You probably already know that a lawyer works to represent his or her clients' legal rights, but what else will your attorney do if you are injured because of someone else's negligent actions? Plenty.

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Injury Attorneys Help Save Clients from Potential Financial Disaster

Personal injury attorneys know that without legal guidance, injured victims often face financial catastrophe. Not only do serious injuries affect victims, but their families as well - particularly if the victim is the sole or primary income provider of the family.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Far More Than Car Accident Cases

Most people associate personal injury attorneys with car accidents, and that's natural considering that is the majority of what injury lawyers do. However, attorneys in this field also represent clients who have been injured in train, motorcycle, trucking and workplace accidents, as well as slip-and-fall (premises liability), dog bites, medical negligence and more.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Work to Obtain Fair Compensation for Injured Victims

Unfortunately, many individuals who sustain injuries caused by negligence do not hire a personal injury lawyer. The reason? Most assume the responsible party's insurance company will offer them a fair settlement, which in most cases is not true.

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Individuals who are injured because of negligence are actually hurting themselves by not consulting with a personal injury lawyer after sustaining injuries in an accident. Why? Insurance companies use every tactic they have up their sleeves to under compensate injured victims.

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Why You Need a Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer If You're the Victim of Negligence

Many people (in fact, most) who are injured in an accident caused by someone else fail to hire a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer. Eventually, they wish they had. Why? The settlement from the insurance company wasn't enough to cover expenses related to their injuries, and now they find they're facing tough financial issues, possibly even bankruptcy.

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Why should you hire a Plano personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident, or any accident caused by someone else? The fact is, most people are not familiar with the laws, and what they are actually legally entitled to. Essentially, you may be taken advantage of by the defendant's insurance company without skilled legal guidance.

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