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Articles Published by Murphy & Prachthauser

 Transvaginal Mesh Injury Cases

Women who believe they have sustained injuries from transvaginal mesh products should have their potential claims fully evaluated. This article provides some general information on the products in question and the potential damage claims.

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 It’s a Myth – Auto Accident – “Just Being There”

In talking to clients and prospective clients I often hear them remark that anyone involved in an accident is negligent “just for being there”. That is a myth, an urban legend, and something the insurance companies would like you to believe.

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 Truth in Auto Repeal and Reducing Clauses

Beware Wisconsin car insurance consumers: Beginning with auto insurance policies issued or renewed after November 1, 2011, uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage can be reduced by amounts payable by or on behalf of the uninsured driver or the underinsured driver, by the amounts paid or payable under any worker’s compensation law, or amounts paid or payable under any disability benefits laws. Wisconsin Statute §632.32(5)(i).

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 The Phantom Vehicle and a Change in Wisconsin Insurance Law

We occasionally encounter claim and notice requirements that are so unusual and unexpected that we feel obligated to get the word out to the unsuspecting public. These requirements are traps for almost everyone except the attorneys that work in the personal injury area, and the people that may have learned the hard way about their existence.

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