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Law Firm Overview

Onal & Onal Law Office is located in Ankara, Turkey and has proudly served its surrounding areas since 1986. We provide legal services in the areas of corporate, commercial, intellectual property including patents and trademarks, and contract law to companies, multinationals, financial institutions, professional partnerships, trade associations, and individuals.

Our firm also assists clients in the establishment of business in Turkey, including operating agreements and contracts for leases and purchases, technical assistance, licenses, employment, and distribution.

Onal & Onal has the knowledge and resources to deliver a broad range of comprehensive professional legal services and guidance to its clients with sensitivity to cultural, social, and legal practice differences.

Year this Office was Established: 1986

Languages: Turkish, Arabic, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Law of Obligations; Industrial Property Law; Law of Compensation; International Commercial Contracts; Foreign Investment Law.


Zehra Hamide Gürbüz Önal Mrs. Zehra Hamide Gürbüz Önal
Business and Industry, Contracts, Copyright, Corporate Law, Employment


Can Lafcı Mr. Can Lafcı
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Copyright, Criminal Law, Domain Names

Erendiz Önal Mr. Erendiz Önal
Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Business and Industry, Competition Law, Employment


  • Ankara Bar Association
  • The Licensing Executives Society International
  • Turkish Patent and Trademar Office

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Articles Published by Onal & Onal Law Office

 Industrial Design Rights in Turkish Legal System

Registration of industrial designs can be required for a variety of products such as textile products, electrical household appliances and cars. Registration of industrial designs is made for 5 years and can be extended up to 25 years in 5-year periods. A design can be registered only on the condition that it is novel and distinctive. Novelty of a design means that it has not been offered to public in anywhere around the world.

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 Utility Model Rights in Turkish Legal System

Utility model is similar to patent in aspects such as novelty, industrial applicability, etc. in terms of protection conditions. The protection provided for the patent owner is also provided for the owner of utility model. The period of protection for utility models is 10 years on the condition that the protection fee must be paid at each anniversary.

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 Trademark Rights in Turkish Legal System

Trademark means any kind of indication which shows the service or goods and which shows the assigned pertains to distinguish the service or the goods from similar ones. Same time, It shows the assigned pertains to a specific enterprise the service and goods from similar ones in the market.

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 Patent Rights in Turkish Legal System

If the patent applications do not meet the patentability criteria or violate your rights, objections can be raised within 6 months from the publication of applications on the Official Patent Bulletin. Patent applications are made to Turkish Patent Institute by the inventor or its successors.

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