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Pardini & Associates is a multi-faceted law firm based in Panama City, Panama providing a range of legal services to clients all around the world via their additional offices located around the globe. The firm’s attorneys combine nearly a century of legal experience between them and strive to

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 Bankruptcy in Panama: Legal Considerations

Every declaration of bankruptcy, represent certain effects over the person declared bankrupt. Some of them will generally apply to every person as of the moment of declaration, we will call those general effects, and some others will depend on other facts like the qualification of the bankruptcy.

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 Tax Effects of the Dissolution of Companies in Panama

Article 528-A of the Commercial Code, added by Act 85 of 2012, deals with the dissolution of companies and explains causes and effects of their permanence in time to the end of the liquidation of its assets, after collecting their debt and pay its liabilities.

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 Withdrawal of the Bill that Modifies the Appraisal of Properties in Panama

It is indeed important to modify the previous regulation since there were some situations in which the properties were sold by amounts not according to the reality granting an unfair profit to those people, and on top of that tax benefits that are intended to the lower classes.

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 Family Offices

Many family offices (FO) started their business as so called single family offices, where the family owns the FO and serves only the owner family. Instead of covering the entire operative costs, many owners of single FO decided to offer its services to other families as well. This concept is called multi-family office (MFO) or multi-client family office. Only a few MFO have founded their business independently, without a large family backing it.

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 Panama Enacts New Tourism Law: Law 431 of 2012

Almost twenty years have passed since the enactment of Law 8 of 1994, which until the end of the year 2012 regulated tourism investments and incentives in the Republic of Panama. This body of law responded to a national strategy and a master plan oriented towards promoting tourism related investments in Panama.

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 New Securities Law in Panama

Law 67 implements a multiple institutional coordination and cooperation system between regulatory entities as a multilateral board that gathers Panamanian regulatory government agencies.

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 Change in Belize Legislation Regarding Bearer Share Certificates

A registered agent shall at all times retain physical possession of the bearer shares certificate, whether he deals directly with the end-user customer or with a professional intermediary customer.

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 Pardini & Associates won in the Acquisition International M&A Awards

The company received recognition as “Mining & Energy Law Firm of the Year: Panama" by the Acquisition International Magazine.

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 Succession: Structured Solutions for Estate Planning

The author has prepared this document to assist in the evaluation of alternatives offshore structures for the better planning of their assets, estate and business transactions.

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