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 10 Key Defenses to Michigan Drunk Driving Charges

Hundreds of people plead "guilty" to drunk driving charges everyday. Unbeknownst to them, their lives will be dramatically changed for years to come. So, before saying "guilty", take the time to evaluate defenses to the drunk driving charge.

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 Key Defenses to Theft Charges - Retail Fraud, Burglary, Home Invasion and Embezzlement

There a many valid defenses to shoplifting, larceny, embezzlement, home invasion and other theft offenses. Knowing these defenses allows people to obtain the best outcome in their criminal case.

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 5 Actions Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Take

In every criminal case, whether a misdemeanor or felony, there are 5 key actions that the best criminal defense lawyers take. These actions ensure you get fair bond conditions (pretrial release) and a chance to examine the evidence against you. Once the evidence is examined, your attorney will identify your best defense, and file the appropriate motions to advance your defense.

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 Michigan Assault Charges and The Stand Your Ground Defense

Michigan assault charges can be defended by asserting self-defense. There is a Michigan Self-Defense statute, MCL 750.951 and jury instructions which protect a defendant's right to self-defense. In many cases, there’s no legal duty to retreat from an attacker -- at home or out in public. This is known as the Stand Your Ground defense.

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 Michigan's MIP Law Offers Deferred Prosecution

The Michigan MIP law allows Courts to dismiss the case if the minor successfully completes a probationary period. Deferred prosecution protects the underage drinker from jail and a permanent criminal record. On the other hand, the repeat offender faces potential jail time, costly probation conditions and a mandatory license suspension.

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 Discovering Evidence in Criminal Cases

Every criminal defense in Michigan rests on the strength of the Prosecutor's evidence. Discovery is essential to a successful criminal defense strategy. Discovery is the stage where your Defense Attorney submits a written demand to inspect the evidence, and get copies of all reports. If the Prosecutor refuses to comply with the Discovery Demand, the Court may issue and Order Compelling Discovery, which directs the Prosecutor to release the evidence.

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 Drug Convictions Disqualify Student Financial Aid Applicants

People with a one drug possession conviction lose Student Financial Aid eligibility for one year from conviction date. People with two drug possession convictions or one drug sales/delivery conviction lose eligibility for two years. Those with three drug possession convictions or two drug sales convictions are ineligible indefinitely.

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 Michigan Implied Consent & Drunk Driving Laws: The Double Edge Sword

The Michigan Implied Consent statute has the power of a double-edged sword when added to the fines, costs and jail-time handed out for a drunk driving conviction. If a driver refuses to consent to a chemical test, they face a mandatory 12 month suspension, and 6 points on their driving record.

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