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Law Firm Overview

Paul Giannetti Attorney at Law is a personal injury and workers’ compensation firm located in Albany and serving clients throughout the Upstate New York region.
Practice areas include vehicle accidents, premises liability such as slip and fall, dog bites, brain and spinal injuries, nursing home abuse, catastrophic injuries, workers’ compensation and third party claims, construction and other work-related accidents, and Social Security Disability claims and appeals.

Attorney Paul Giannetti has more than 20 years of experience and opened his own practice in 1998. He fully understands clients’ rights under New York laws and has served hundreds of people who have been injured or disabled.

Mr. Giannetti is dedicated to offering compassionate, personalized attention and pursues all benefit and compensation options, pursuing the best possible results in clients’ personal injury, workers’ compensation, and disability matters.

Year this Office was Established: 1998

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Negligent Security; Dog Bites; Third Party Claims; Social Security Administration; Social Security Disability Benefits; Skull Fractures; Amputations; Lifting or Bending Injuries; Vision or Hearing Loss; Occupational Diseases.

Areas of Law Description

Attorney Paul Giannetti provides legal services in the following areas of practice:

- Accidents & Injuries

There are an innumerable amount of accidents and injuries that can occur on or off the job. The difference is going to be, what can you do about them? If you were injured at work, recovering any type of pain or suffering allowance may not be a possibility. Because you have to prove that the negligence was done by someone other than your employer or employee. This is why it is good to seek legal counsel to try and recover damages.

- Social Security Disability

Social Security is difficult for any person to get. This is because of the amount of paperwork and how much you have to prove. In order to qualify you must have worked for a minimum amount of time with a business that is covered. After meeting these strict requirements, you then must prove that your impairment prevents you from performing in your current job and keeps you from getting any other gainful employment.

- Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance you receive after being injured on the job from an employee or the work environment. The employer will pay into this insurance, so there will be an investigation before you can receive your benefits. It is a basic benefit providing medical care and/ cash benefits. It is important to understand the basics of this plan, so that if it does happen to you, you can make the right decisions.


Paul Giannetti Mr. Paul Giannetti
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Articles Published by Paul Giannetti, Attorney at Law

 Can Obesity Be Considered a Disability for Social Security Claims?

If properly documented by a physician, obesity can be the basis or contributing factor in a disability finding. For obesity to factor in, it must be determined that it represents a “severe impairment” either by itself or with other medical impairments. Obesity will be deemed a severe impairment if it significantly limits an individual’s ability to do basic work activities.

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 Does the Insurance Company Have to Offer a Settlement?

Under the New York State Workers' Compensation Law, settlements under Section 32 are voluntary. The insurance carrier is not obligated or required to offer settlement. Nonetheless, in the vast majority of cases insurance carriers will be interested in trying to settle a claim.

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 Don’t Ignore Letters from the Workers' Compensation Board or Insurance Company

Many people make the mistake of disregarding notices from the Workers' Compensation Board because they are no longer missing time from work. Claimants believe that the paperwork cannot be important since their medical bills have been paid and they are earning their full wages. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

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 Why is a Medical Expert Giving Testimony at Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

In a relatively small number of hearings a medical expert, hired by the government, will give testimony at your Social Security hearing. This expert will be present for the entire hearing and will listen to your testimony before giving his or her opinions. The expert will have never examined you.

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 New York State Workers' Compensation and Lumbar Fusions

If your doctor has recommended a lumbar fusion, you must secure prior approval from the insurance carrier. The New York State Workers' Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines provide recommendations for specific circumstances when lumbar fusion is appropriate and those when it is not.

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 Chiropractic Denials in New York State Workers' Compensation

Since the introduction of the Workers' Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines, the frequency of chiropractic care has diminished significantly. Chiropractors are still allowed to treatment for an exacerbation and, in many cases, will be paid for that treatment. However, it is crucial that the treating chiropractor document certain items at the time of the examination.

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 If Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe You…

If you have a pending Social Security Disability claim the most important aspect of your case involves your relationship with your treating physicians.

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 Reviewing Your Workers' Compensation E-Case Folder

The Workers' Compensation Board maintains a database known as E-Case. This database contains all documents that are a part of your file. The Law Judge has access to E-Case at the time of your hearing.

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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Medical Treatment Guidelines

The Workers' Compensation Board has completed a draft of the newest treatment guidelines which, if the Board has its way, will apply to carpal tunnel syndrome cases.

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 Frequently Asked Questions about NY Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation laws can be extremely complex, and often difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with them. Here are just a few questions people often have about workplace injuries and receiving workers' compensation in the state of New York.

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 What Happens if I Get into a Car Accident at Work?

Car accidents can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you got into a car accident while driving for work, would you know what to do?

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 Preserving Evidence of Your Car Accident

What will your lawyer need to know after your car accident? You can never be too detailed. Here are a few actions you should take in the immediate aftermath so as to better your chances of success in a car accident injury case.

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 3 Mistakes that May Impact your Workers' Compensation Benefits

What follows are 3 mistakes you should avoid that could cost you your benefits.

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