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Paul R. Panico, Attorney at Law proudly serves Ohio families with the experience of over 20 years of managing, advising, and hearing clients in need when suffering through divorce. Attorney Panico built his firm with the understanding that each case is unique, and only through individual attention and honest compassion may parents and children receive the resolution they need to heal and begin anew, a practice that has earned him the heartfelt gratitude of hundreds of families throughout the state.

Paul Panico's firm prides itself on providing a noted accessibility and a listening ear for his clientele, visiting at home those that cannot meet at his Columbus office and taking pains to fully understand the concerns and fears that invariably arise during divorce. His genuine compassion for parents, children, and grandparents is tempered with a stark honesty that enables each client to make wise decisions about the legal process, a reflection of the firm's commitment to giving more than just sympathy to Ohio residents with real and pertinent needs. Attorney Panico has experience handling both simple and complex divorces, including those involving military and high net worth couples, and his attention and diligence with each case has continued to alleviate the worries surrounding estate division, custody, and grandparents' rights that plague those suffering through separation.

Family law issues require more than just genuine sympathy; they need a blunt compassion to accurately guide clients to the best strategy for a better future. Paul R. Panico has dedicated himself to providing the comforting service and trusted legal skill necessary to truly help families in need throughout central Ohio, a mission he has ably and honorably fulfilled for over two successful decades.

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 Legal Separation in Ohio

When a marriage is no longer working, many spouses believe that the only option is divorce. This, however, is not true. Ohio couples who need time and space apart from one another or who are ready to move forward in their lives separately have other legal options available to them besides divorce.

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