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Payas & Payas Law Office Overview

Payas & Payas Law Office has locations in Izmir and Kusadasi, Turkey and provides legal services for international and Turkish clients locally and in the Aegean Region with additional office locations. Practice areas include commercial law, energy law, labor law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy, real estate and construction, immigration, family law, civil and inheritance law, criminal defense, public procurement, administrative law, and compensation law.

The firm was founded in 1994 by Partner Attorney Mr. Bilal Payas, and his son, Mr. Mahir Ozan Payas, has worked as an attorney since 2005. The father and son legal team continue to share their professional experiences with their clients. The firm is comprised of several lawyers with decades of combined legal experience, and each one focuses on specific practice areas.

With commitment to honesty and objectivity, Payas & Payas Law Office seeks the best solutions for clients’ legal concerns.

Year this Office was Established: 1994

Languages: English, Turkish.

Payas & Payas Law Office Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Energy Law; Labor Law; Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; Civil Law and Inheritance Law; Public Procurement Law; Compensation Law; Foreign Direct Investments.

Payas & Payas Law Office Areas of Law Description

Payas & Payas Law Office provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Commercial Law and Companies

* Counseling services for national and international corporates
* National and international commercial contracts
* Commercial negotiations and conciliation
* Establishing companies native and foreign capital
* Franchising contracts
* Investment Incentives
* Transfer of foreign capital
* Increasing or decreasing capital
* Restructuring companies
* Preparing articles of association and shareholder contracts of companies
* Carrying out proceedings of general boards and administrative boards
* Liquidation
* Making necessary applications before public authorities, fulfilling proceedings and settling legal conflicts that may arise in all these matters
* Company establishments and activities in free zones
* Electronic Trade

- Direct Foreign Investments

* Counseling service regarding establishing and opening corporate, branch or liaison office in the same way as in corporate mergers and takeovers
* Expert project management, determining legal and financial situation, arranging legal papers and participating in professional negotiations with the other side
* Providing counseling service to international banks, finance institutions, investment funds, capital investors and medium-sized enterprises and representing while procuring permits and incentives before official bodies

- Inheritance Law

* Testamentary causes
* Correction of age and name
* Birth record suits
* Probate proceedings and inheritance suits
* Abolishing partnership
* Preparing testaments
* Appointment of guardian
* Partition of succession

- Real Estate & Construction Law

* Contracts relating to buying and selling real properties
* Researches regarding the actual and legal situation of the real property within the framework of preparations prior to projects focused on real properties
* Supervision of projects in which there are reserved public domains
* Counseling and representation regarding foreigners’ acquirement of real properties in Turkey
* Preparing every kind of contract that investors and owners of real properties need during buying and selling a real property and providing legal advice regarding legal problems arising at practice stage
* Providing counseling service in fields of leasing law and settlement of conflicts by means of peace or lawsuits
* Establishing mortgage proceedings
* Counseling service regarding building permits, management planning and arrangements
* Preparing international and national construction contracts, settling conflicts arising from tenders and finance and construction contracts

- Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

* Ensuring the enforcement of court verdicts
* Collection of commercial and individual credits, their being guaranteed, realization of the guarantees, protection of rights and interests of clients at execution proceedings carried out against them and preventing them from any harm
* Restructuring of credits/debts of companies in case of bankruptcy, improvement of their financial situation and ensuring reorganization
* Defining risks while selling a part or whole of a company
* Preparing draft bankruptcy plan at preparation and acceptance stages of the bankruptcy process

- Family Law

* Conventional and contentious divorce
* Property regimes
* Marriage permit
* Adoption
* Alimony suits
* Guardianship

- Criminal Law

* Settlement of criminal law conflicts within the framework of Turkish Penal Code and Law of Criminal Procedure and other related laws and regulations

- Labor Law

* Related liabilities, practices, agreements concerning Labor Law and employee-employer relations
* Settlement of conflicts arising from Labor Law through both negotiations and agreement and lawsuit
* Legal review of labor law and employment matters
* Labor law matters during works arising from corporates law such as mergers and takeovers and divisions including turnover of employees and discharging service contracts


Bilal Payas Mr. Bilal Payas
Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Employment

Mahir Ozan Payas Mr. Mahir Ozan Payas
Accident, Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Arbitration, Banking and Finance

Of Counsel

Ali Ihsan Arican Mr. Ali Ihsan Arican
Of Counsel
Administrative Law

Payas & Payas Law Office Affiliations

  • Izmir Bar
  • Union of Turkish Bar Association
  • Deniz Ticaret Enstitüsü
  • Corporate Lawyer Network

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