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At Plachta, Murphy & Associates, we earn trust one client, and one project at a time. We build relationships through our service, by achieving results and by protecting your business and personal bottom line.

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 Starting a Business in a Bad Economy

How a Business Attorney Can Help: A Legal Guide to Owning a Business.

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 Passing Down the Family Cottage

Appropriate planning will allow a family to enjoy the cottage for generations. There are several key issues any cottage owner should consider. This article will explain the proper channels to follow in order to keep the family cottage in the family.

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 Estate Planning Solutions: Planning for the Unknown

Sickness and death are tragic realities that every family will need to deal with at some point. Too often, this planning goes neglected because the subject is difficult to deal with for many, or simply too confusing. The most important thing to protect your family is simple: plan now.

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 A 101 Guide to the Michigan DUI Process

Attention: If you have been arrested for a drunk driving or impaired operating charge in the State of Michigan, beware of the DUI laws in this state - the penalties can be severe for even a first offense and reduced charges are possible if you have a decent case and a knowledgeable defense lawyer.

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 A Primer 101 Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

Often called a “pre-nup”, most people have a preconceived notion of what a prenuptial agreement is. It has the reputation of being a marriage killer.

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 Teenage Wasteland? It Doesn’t Have to Be

Someone once said that everyone should be born at 50. That way we would be wise right from the start! Unfortunately, that is not the case. And as far as parenting goes there is no instruction tag on our children either.

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