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Purely Probate Solicitors is a niche UK legal practice specializing in probate, wills and powers of attorney. We provide clients with an efficient and caring service for a sensible pre-agreed price.

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 What Do You Do if There is a Nil Rate Band Trusts in a British Will?

Nil Rate Band trusts were often included in British Wills made before October 2007. Now they are no longer needed for inheritance tax planning. This article contains advice about what you should do if you are the executor or beneficiary of a Will which contains a nil rate band trust

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 Inheritance Tax Trap

Why it is Essential to include comprehensive information when you fill in Inheritance Tax forms IHT 400 and IHT 421

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 Will Writing to be Regulated in the United Kingdom

Why regulation of will writing in the UK is a good thing. Good news. In the UK will writing is going to be regulated by approved regulators. This means that anyone who writes a will or someone else must pass exams, keep up to date with recent developments etc.

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 How Do I Get UK Probate for an Australian Citizen?

If you are the executor of an Australian person who had assets in the UK you may have to get the Australian grant of probate resealed in the UK before you can access the assets. What do you do if you are the executor of an Australian who dies with assets in the UK? Unfortunately you will probably need to get the Australian probate resealed in the UK.

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 How to Get Probate in the UK for a French National

A brief explanation of how to get probate in the UK for a French person owning assets in the UK at the date of death, and what to do if it is necessary to remove an administrator appointed for the use and benefit of someone else. If a French person dies with assets in the UK the executors may have to get probate in the UK before the asset can be released.

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 How Do I Get International Probate for Someone Domiciled Outside the UK?

A short article explaining the process for the next of kin of someone who lived outside the UK to get probate in the UK. There has been a vast increase in UK born individuals emigrating, but they often keep a rainy day fund in the UK. Other people who are not UK residents have ties to the UK and have some assets here. This has led to demand for legal advice about how to get international probate and release the UK assets when someone dies domiciled outside the UK.

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 What Do You Do if Someone Dies with Assets in the UK who is Not a UK National?

Summary of the process for obtaining UK probate if a non UK resident dies dies with a bank account, shares or other assets in the UK. Non UK residents who travel regularly to the UK may have UK assets such as a bank account or shares. Unless the amount in the account is very small the banks won’t release the money in the account to the executors without UK Probate. The shares can’t be sold.

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 Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) Briefing Note - United Kingdom

An LPA is a legal document that allows someone (called the Donor) to choose who they want to make decisions on their behalf when they lack mental capacity to make the decisions themselves. The LPA must be completed in advance of the Donor losing mental capacity. It is then kept until needed.

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 How Much Should Probate Cost?

Should firms give a fixed fee for Probate work? If so how much should it be? A lot of solicitors still charge a percentage of the value of the estate plus an hourly rate of around £200 for Probate work. Banks charge an extraordinary 3% of the value of the estate.

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 How Do You Get UK Probate for Non UK Residents?

When a non UK resident dies owning assets in the UK it is often necessary to get Probate in the UK. This article summarises how to get it.

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 Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band Trusts in Wills

Why Nil Rate Band Trusts in Wills should be reviewed. Until 2008 lots of people made what was called nil rate band trusts in their Wills. They were designed to save inheritance tax. This is how they worked: Inheritance tax (IHT) can be charged on gifts of money or property during someone’s lifetime and when they die.

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 Divorce and Separation - Why You Should Have a Will

An explanation of the legal ramifications of divorce or separation on inheritance should you or your spouse die. What happens to your Will on separation or divorce? Until your divorce is finalized the existing Will is still valid. Your spouse is probably still named as an executor and main beneficiary. You are unlikely to want this now.

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 Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)

Read this guide concerning independent mental capacity advocacy to enable you to help someone who does not have mental capacity and where there are no appropriate friends or family members.

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 Care Planning and Advance Decisions

People often plan the care they want in the future when they are diagnosed with a serious illness, or go into a care home; read this briefing note about what it involves and the types of decisions and guidance to you may consider giving to your caregivers.

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 Care Home Fees – Using Your Will to Protect Your Money

Use your Will to protect some of your assets from being used to pay for care home fees. Around 70,000 homes a year (190 every day) are taken by councils throughout the UK, to recover long term care costs.

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 Reporting a Death - UK

This article explains the legal requirements for reporting a death.

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 What Should I Do with the Dog When I Die? - UK

This article explains what to do about your dog (and other animals) after you die.

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 8 Reasons Why You Must Make a Will

Why should I make a Will? Lots of people think that their loved ones will be looked after adequately under intestacy rules (the rules which say who will inherit if there is no Will). This is often incorrect.

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 What Is Probate? - UK

People are often embarrassed to ask "what is probate?" because they feel they ought to know the answer. This article explains it.

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