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Remells Law Firm in Azerbaijan helps multinational clients and local companies establish businesses. The lawyers advise companies on local laws and how to navigate the legal framework in Azerbaijan.

The attorneys in Remells Law Firm are experts in all aspects of business law, such as

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 I will "sue" you in arbitration court

International arbitration has been around for quite some time, but at times it strikes us odd how business people and even lawyers misunderstand some of arbitration’s basic concepts.

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 Azerbaijan's Regulations on Agriculture: What Foreign Companies Need to Know

A summary of Azerbaijan's laws and regulations on agriculture. Useful to those foreign companies interested in investing in agriculture-related business in Azerbaijan.

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 Setting up Joint Ventures in Azerbaijan

General legal matters relating to how to set up joint ventures in Azerbaijan.

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 Regulations of Azerbaijan's Oil and Gas Market

General information on Azerbaijani laws and regulations, including production sharing agreements, that apply to development of Azerbaijan's oil and gas reserves.

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 Entering Azerbaijani Market: Franchising and Distribution

In this note we provide general information about some of the legal issues that a foreign franchisor or supplier (in distribution agreements) should consider when entering Azerbaijani market.

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 Starting a Business in Azerbaijan

Some of the legal issues that a person starting business in Azerbaijan would need to consider. This article covers corporate registration, tax and employment aspects of starting and operating business in Azerbaijan.

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 Azerbaijan Is on Its Way to Creating Ambitious Electronic Court System

Azerbaijan is creating its electronic court system. The President of the country issued the respective order (the “Order”) back few months ago . The Order lists the elements of the system. It should include electronic filing, case tracking, notifications, electronic cabinet etc.

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