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Richard H. Raphael is a family law and personal injury attorney based in Westport, Connecticut providing legal assistance and representation to clients throughout the neighboring cities and counties of Connecticut. Mr. Raphael is a veteran attorney with over 30 years of legal experience, who understands how to approach each case whether it’s going to settlement hearings or a jury trial. His aggressive but practical approach has earned him the respect and admiration of clients and colleagues alike, and his excellent track record of success stands as a testament to his skill and professionalism as an attorney.

Throughout the nearly four decades that he has been practicing law, Mr. Raphael has had the privilege of helping countless clients handle a wide variety of cases. He is an excellent family law attorney, taking care to understand every detail surrounding these highly emotionally charged cases and using a delicate and precise approach to resolve the matter as peacefully as possible. He is also well-versed in matters of personal injury law, including the highly complex field of medical malpractice cases.

If you are going through a divorce or have suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s important that you have an attorney who treats you as more than just a file number. These situations often represent some of the darkest times in his clients’ lives and Mr. Raphael takes great care to guide them to safety and get them the results they need. He personally handles every case and takes the time to get to know every client, acting as counselor, confidant, protector, and avenger; as required by their individual needs.

Areas of Law

Articles Published by Richard H. Raphael, Attorney at Law

 Sole Custody, Joint Custody and Third-Party Custody

Few people are prepared to relinquish any rights to their children as the result of a divorce. However, certain compromises need to be made with regards to whether joint custody is a possibility, or if sole custody with other parent visitation rights is the answer.

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 What Happens to a Mortgage in a Connecticut Divorce?

It is a question that gets pushed aside amid figuring out child custody, money, and other asset division during divorce proceedings, but one that can have a lasting financial effect on both parties to a divorce. A home, like other marital property, must be divided upon divorce along with the associated mortgage.

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 Tax Tips for Couples Going Through a Connecticut Divorce

While most divorced couples are immediately concerned about their children and their financial status, there are other, less obvious, impacts that divorce will inevitably have. Understanding the changes to your taxation status, for example, is something to consider when filing for divorce.

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 Divorce Tips for Dads in Connecticut

Divorce is an emotional and difficult time for the whole family. As a dad, your primary concern is likely for your children. Who will they live with? Who will they spend their holidays with? What if your ex-spouse wants to move out of state?

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 Car Manufacturer Recalls Are on the Rise: Airbags, Fuel Leaks, and More

Work. Home. School. Daycare. Supermarket. We rely on our vehicles to get us from point A to point B quickly, cost effectively and safely. We trust that our cars have been manufactured properly, have been designed effectively, and will not falter in the event of an emergency.

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 Do Grandparents Get Holiday Visitation Rights in Connecticut?

With the holiday season in full force, we all have a lot of things on our mind: hosting parties, cooking, gift shopping, work stress, and planning family gatherings. Most of us probably take for granted the simplicity of the holidays—we may have a schedule we have followed for years that determines which holidays we spend with whom.

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 Liability for Spouse's Debt in Connecticut Divorce

Everyone knows that divorce results not just in a severing of the marital bond between two individuals, but also in a division of property.

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 Connecticut Elder Abuse on the Rise

We all want the best for our loved ones. Most of us would give anything to give back to our parents in their old age what they have given to us growing up. Unfortunately, some families have members that do not respect the relationship with their elders, and may take advantage of them in a vulnerable condition.

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 Preventing Connecticut Car Accidents

Every year, car accidents lead to a substantial number of serious kidney injuries. Motor vehicle safety devices such as seat belts and airbags have saved countless lives and prevented injuries for many individuals involved in car accidents. Seat belts are designed to prevent chest and other internal injuries by dispersing the force of a collision across two of the body's sturdiest areas: the upper chest and the pelvis.

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