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Law Firm Overview

Robert Fleming Lawyers is a litigation firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and focusing on the resolution of complex business disputes. Practice areas include fraud, international asset recovery, shareholder disputes, intellectual property, employment law, internet law, and other commercial litigation such as franchise disputes, commercial leasing disputes, breach of contract and contractual limitation of liability, books of business, product liability, engineering disputes, and industrial accidents.

The legal team is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable attorneys, including Robbie Fleming, who combine legal strategy with business strategy, and creativity with analytical discipline. They have significant experience, education, and professional credentials and have been involved in a number of leading cases throughout the past several years.

Robert Fleming Lawyers focuses on helping clients find clear, economically-based strategies through complicated litigation matters and their related business problems. The firm builds an economic model for each case, balancing risk, reward and costs, so clients can make sound business decisions about the litigation they are involved in.

Languages: Croatian, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Shareholder, Partnership and Sale of Business Disputes; Mareva Injunctions; Commercial Leasing Disputes; Franchise Disputes; Fundamental Breach and Contractual Limitations of Liability; Debt Collection; Application of Family Law to Businesses and Other Non-Family Members; International Asset Recovery.

Areas of Law Description

Our practice includes:

- Business Law

Business needs lawyers who understand business, who clearly communicate likely results and costs, and who provide effective service at a cost that is proportional to what is at stake. Robbie has experience in business as well as practicing law. After completing his Cambridge MBA in 2005, he spent three years on a range of entrepreneurial and consulting projects. Robbie is a past member of the ACC and is familiar with the multiple roles of General Counsel: legal advisor, strategist, risk manager, marketer of legal services, budgeting manager, and mentor.

- Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes are business problems to be solved, not just cases to be won, and litigation tools are only one set of options. A multi-disciplinary approach focusing on early resolution, combining legal strategy with business strategy and with rigorous financial analysis, can lead to solutions of even the most difficult problems at a cost that is proportional to what is at stake. Robbie began his career as a prosecutor, and has tried hundreds of cases. In commercial litigation he has experience with: shareholder, partnership and sale of business disputes; fraud; commercial leasing disputes; franchise disputes; product liability: warranty, fitness, and wrongful death; fundamental breach and contractual limitations of liability; debt collection; joint ventures; engineering disputes and industrial accidents.

- Administrative Law

Robbie has acted in cases involving: BC Securities Commission, as prosecuting counsel; judicial review of the Labor Board’s discretion under s. 12 of the Labor Code; Utilities Commission; Excise Act assessments and forfeitures; Employment Standards Tribunal; Wildlife Act, as prosecuting counsel against guide outfitters; School Boards; WCB claims; Residential Tenancies; Professional Discipline cases.

- Employment Law

For both employers and employees, resolving a severance or dismissal claim involves comparing the range of damages a court will award with the cost of the litigation required to get there. Because they have more resources, employers always have a stronger bargaining position but in many cases there is also business value for employers in maintaining their reputations by treating all employees fairly. Robbie has acted for employees, union members, and employers and has experience with: Wrongful dismissal; Employment Standards; Duties of unions to their members under s. 12 of the Labor Code.

- Intellectual Property

When you are involved in an intellectual property dispute, whether it be copyright, patents, trademarks, or trade secrets, you should expect your lawyer to understand your business model and your technology as well as you do, and you should expect that he will be able to explain the legal issues in this complex field in clear, practical language – a lawyer who can do that is also a lawyer who can help you to develop a plan forward through both your IP and your business problems. In all cases, the key to intellectual property disputes is a solid understanding of the IP in issue, combined with a solid understanding of its business context. Robbie has business experience in technology firms as well as legal experience with intellectual property litigation.


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