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 DWI Over State Lines: Out-of-State Residents and DWI

One complication that can make handling a DWI much harder is when the defendant is from another state. This raises numerous issues that may not have simple answers. Every state has slightly different laws, and these laws can change at any time, so it is difficult to know how some of these issues may be resolved. We will separate common types of issues that arise when cases occur across state lines.

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 Comparing North and South Carolina Negligence Law

Whether North or South Carolina law applies to a particular accident case can have a serious effect on liability, especially since NC is one of the few states where contributory negligence is still law.

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 Pending Litigation Determines Whether Alcohol “Sniffing” Device Violates the Fourth Amendment

A recent program has been initiated by the National Traffic Safety Board, and it is referred to as the “Sniffer.” The “Sniffer,” has been overshadowed by another proposal to decrease BAC levels from 0.08% to 0.05%; however, if enacted, it may have just as serious implications to drivers apprehended for driving under the influence.

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 What Are the Penalties for a Hit-and-Run for a Minor in South Carolina?

A hit and run accident in South Carolina can be a serious offense for both minor and adult drivers. There are several instances in which leaving the scene of an accident will incur penalties and fines.

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 Nursing Home Negligence

When nursing homes neglect elders and they suffer injury, the injured person or their family will most likely have a claim against the nursing home. Nursing homes have certain duties that they must fulfill to their patients, and whenever a nursing home fails in those duties, there is a basis for a claim.

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 Spoliation: Destruction and Failure to Safeguard Evidence

At any trial, parties must show evidence to prove their claims. Sometimes, the most effective way, or even the only way, to prove a point is through physical or documentary evidence, e.g. the allegedly defective product in a products case, the weapon actually used in a criminal case, or patient files in a case of nursing home negligence. There are obvious motives to destroy such evidence, and destroying or failing to safeguard such evidence is known as spoliation.

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 South Carolina Implied Consent DUI Law

While most would agree that the most significant piece of evidence in a DUI case is the results of a blood alcohol test, cases do arise in which this information is not available. It then comes down to a debate between the arresting officer, and the defendant.

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 South Carolina Wrongful Death and Survival Actions

After the loss of a loved one in an accident, the last one anyone wants to think about is the law. However, the law has attempted to at least partially remedy the injustice suffered by the family. The law provides two separate causes of action: (1) wrongful death actions, and (2) survival actions. These two different bases for lawsuit are entirely separate, and without consent of both parties, the two cannot be tried in the same courtroom.

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 Liability of Trucking Companies in Hiring

An injury, even after a trucking accident, is alone not enough to warrant a personal injury recovery. An injured person must prove that someone is liable, whether through negligence or some other theory of liability. One common theory of liability against trucking companies after an accident is “negligent hiring.” Negligent hiring is a theory of liability where the plaintiff accuses an employer of failing to exercise reasonable care in hiring an employee or retaining an independent contractor.

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 Motor Vehicle Accidents on the Reservation

There are a lot of things to be concerned with after a car accident, but when you are on vacation on the reservation, there is one extra worry: What happens if you get into an accident in on the Indian reservation? Will the law be the law that you have come to expect in car accidents? Will you have to have your lawyer file your suit in a tribal court?

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