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 5 Safety Tips that Should Be on Every Spring Cleaning Checklist

A few safety tips to keep in mind as you tackle your spring cleaning projects.

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 Common Types of Post-Operative Injuries

Common post-operative injuries that individuals should know about before undergoing surgical procedures.

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 7 Common but Unexpected Dangers around the Home

Advice for parents on preparing their home to protect children from common dangers.

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 Are Your Kids’ Christmas Toys Safe? You Might Be Surprised at the Answer.

4 Unexpected Dangers in Christmas Toys that All Parents Need to Know

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 Staying Safe at Bath Time

Top Tips for Bathroom Behavior.

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 Equipping Your Son with the Proper Football Gear

Advice for parents on keeping your son safe during football season. When your kid heads out on the football field, you want to know that you have done everything in your power to keep him safe. One of the areas that parents have a lot of control is in the gear their boys wear on the field. Make sure that your son has everything necessary to protect him from injury.

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 Buyer Beware: Bankruptcy Now has More Strings Attached Than Ever

Information for homeowners about the reality of bankruptcy. All home buyers, particularly in light of the real estate collapse of recent years, should be aware of material changes in bankruptcy law which could affect them in the event of financial hardship. There are two key components a prospective or recent home buyer should be mindful of concerning a potential bankruptcy.

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 Broken Steps, Pools, and Other Common Homeowner Liability Dangers that You Need to Know

Owing a home is part of the American dream but if you're not careful it can become a nightmare. Identifying sources of lawsuits, and taking steps to avoid them can lower your risk of becoming a liability casualty and keep yourself a happy homeowner. Being a homeowner comes with many perks, not the least of which is the freedom of having your own “castle.” However, it also comes with certain responsibilities, since you may be held liable for incidents that occur on your property.

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