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Rufus Alldredge, Attorney at Law Overview

Rufus Alldredge, Attorney at Law is a criminal defense firm located in Gulfport, Mississippi that serves clients throughout Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Stone, Forr&est, George, Greene, and Lamar Counties. Practice areas include DUI and BUI, accessory and conspiracy, burglary and robbery, arson, casino arrests, domestic violence, drug charges, internet and computer crimes, property crimes, vulnerable adult exploitation, professional and technical licenses defense, and federal crimes, as well as arraignments, bail bond and pretrial release, confessions, expungement, record sealing and record clearing, grand jury and indictment, alternatives to incarceration, asset seizures and forfeitures, substance abuse treatment and mental health, and probation violations.

Rufus Alldredge is a former felony prosecutor and Assistant District Attorney, giving him insight into prosecution strategies and tactics. He examines every detail of each case in order to develop a comprehensive defense plan. With extensive experience, Mr. Alldredge is admitted to all Mississippi state courts, the U.S. Federal District Courts, Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Facing criminal charges or DUI can have serious consequences on anyone – a young adult or teenager, a parent, or a licensed professional. With personal attention, Attorney Alldredge offers tailored defense strategies and advocates for the most favorable outcomes.

Rufus Alldredge, Attorney at Law Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Record Sealing; Record Clearing; Professional and Technical Licenses Defense; Alternatives to Incarceration; Armed Robbery; Auction Fraud; Exploitation of a Child; Cyberstalking; Debt Elimination; Escrow Services Fraud; Extortion; Investment Fraud; Parcel Courier Email Scheme; Ponzi Scheme; Pyramid Scheme; Phishing; Spoofing; Sales of Dogs and other Animals; Solicitation of a Minor; Accessory & Conspiracy; Bail Bond and Pretrial Release; Casino Arrests; Federal Criminal Defense; Grand Jury and Indictment; Probation Violations; Property Crimes; Robbery; Burglary; Eyewitness Identification; Internet Crimes; Computer Crimes; Child Pornography; Military Veterans Defense; Substance Abuse Treatment & Mental Health; Vulnerable Adult Exploitation; Carjacking; Federal Theft Charges; Prostitution; Sexual Battery; Hacking; Internet Fraud; Credit Card Fraud; Access Device Fraud; Cybercrime; Bank Fraud; Money Laundering; Mail Fraud; Wire Fraud; Bankruptcy Fraud; Immigration Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Environmental/Wildlife Offenses; Obstruction of Justice; Human Trafficking; LGBT Criminal and DUI Defense; Asset Seizures & Forfeitures; Embezzlement; Fraud; Identity Theft; Sex Trafficking; Failure to Register as Sex Offender; Piracy; Tax Evasion; Public Corruption; Larceny; False Pretense; ATM Fraud; Bad Checks; Malicious Mischief; Looting; Receiving Stolen Property; Counterfeiting; Chop Shops; Misdemeanor Trespass; Forgery; Arraignment; Boating Under the Influence; Casino Gaming Violations; Sentencing Enhancement; Unauthorized Use of Personal Identifying Information (PII); Felonies; Federal Misdemeanors; Arson; Bank Robbery; Home Invasion; Drug Trafficking; Weapons Charges; Vandalism.


Rufus Alldredge Mr. Rufus Alldredge
Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime, DUI and DWI, Expungement

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  • Mississippi Bar Association
  • Mississippi Association for Justice
  • National Association Criminal Defense Lawyers

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