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 One, Two, Three Strikes and You’re Locked Up in California

In an effort to reduce criminal activity, California adopted a sentencing scheme known as the Three Strikes law. Under this statute, felony offenders who receive three convictions are automatically sentenced to life in prison by state courts. Supporters applaud the law and its effects on crime levels, but critics call for change in light of the thousands of prisoners serving life terms for nonviolent crimes.

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 A Guide to the Criminal Process

If you have recently been taken into custody for any felony or misdemeanor offense, you may soon be enduring the complex criminal process. The following is a guide to help you understand the criminal process. Facing criminal charges is arguably one of the most detrimental and eye-opening experiences that a person can endure during their entire lifetime. What makes this process even more daunting? Knowing that you were wrongfully accused and arrested of committing a criminal offense.

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