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Scott, Wells and McElwee P.C. in Athens, GA, practices personal injury and criminal defense law. The firm is committed to the welfare of their clients, a desire that goes back to a time when helping others was most important. The firm doesn't just represent the client in the case, it represents the whole person.

Attorneys at the firm have decades of trial experience that they use when facing opponents. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge, they can figure out how the other side will proceed in a case. Whether the opponent is a prosecutor or a big corporation that doesn't want to pay a claim, the attorneys will anticipate their moves and counter them.

Despite their aggressiveness toward opponents, they are compassionate toward their clients and families. The lawyers with Scott, Wells and McElwee P.C. do what they have to do to ensure their clients are compensated or granted the right verdict. As they work through the case for the favorable outcomes, they give their clients constant attention, making sure they understand what they face.

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