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Seltzer Mayberg, LLC is committed to fighting for the freedom and rights of the clients they represent who are charged with various criminal offenses. The criminal defense law firm represents individuals throughout Miami, Florida and surrounding areas in the fields of cybercrimes, sex crimes, and other criminal offenses. The firm focuses on getting involved early on in the case and extensively planning a defense.

Attorney David Seltzer knows the importance of having a strong defense during each step of the case to effectively combat the charges that he or she is facing. With a background in prosecution, his level of representation is professional, persuasive, and compelling in nature. Clients who are facing a harsh and complex legal system will need expert advice and action, which can be found at Seltzer Mayberg, LLC.

The firm understands the importance of being involved, understood, and heard as the client in a criminal defense case. Mr. Seltzer has a genuine care for his clients and takes the time to learn about them. He is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and their freedom. He can help you find a viable option for your criminal charge.

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 Cyber Crime Top 10 Dos & Don’ts

Cyber crime is on the rise. That may not be a novel or new statement, but what is novel and new is the way that law enforcement, attorneys and judges are dealing with this new area of the law. Unlike the categories of the law that we’re used to, like family or bankruptcy, cyber law isn’t a body of law unto itself, but a collection of laws regulating how people behave when they use computers, networks and the Internet. It frequently also draws on both state and federal law.

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