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Law Firm Overview

Serap Zuvin Law Offices (“SLZO”) is an international law firm located in Istanbul-Turkey. The firm’s practices include aviation, mergers and acquisitions, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, commercial contracts, corporate law, labor law, intellectual property, competition law, tourism, finance and investments, company formation and corporate governance, and real estate.

The firm offers litigation, international arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution, approaching issues from both legal and business perspectives. SLZO provides services globally and has been involved in numerous international practices for more than 16 years. The team members are conversant with English and most of them speak at least a third language (French, German, etc.)

Founding Partner/Attorney at Law Serap Zuvin has more than 30 years of experience in the legal profession. SLZO prides itself on maintaining a fresh and friendly approach with clients while striving to provide expert and efficient professional advice designed to deliver optimized solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Languages: Turkish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Cross Border M&S; Divestitures; Structured Finance; Islamic Finance; Industrial Facilities; Industrial Designs; Travel Agency Agreements; Establishment of Wholly-owned Subsidiaries; Liaison Offices or Branches.

Areas of Law Description

Serap Zuvin Law Offices specializes in the following areas, among others:

- Aviation

Serap Zuvin Law Office has extensive expertise in a broad range of aircraft sale and purchase transactions, aircraft lease transactions, complex financing methods and tax and regulatory matters relating to these transactions. SZLO continues to act on behalf of leading financial institutions/banks, aircraft and aviation equipment manufacturers, corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs currently operating in their respective sectors.

- Mergers and Acquisitions

SZLO represents clients in all phases of mergers and acquisition transactions. SZLO offers the full spectrum of legal advice encompassing all aspects of the relevant law. As such, the firm is able to respond to the evolving needs of clients as the transaction and the process necessitates. SZLO team members are involved in several industry-specific organizations where they are able to combine detailed business knowledge with their legal expertise. Such industries include telecommunication, finance beverages, tobacco, petroleum, automotive, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and transportation. Our team of attorneys advises purchasers, sellers, financial advisors, special committees, financing sources and other interested parties. SZLO's experience in mergers and acquisitions includes public and private mergers, share and asset purchases, restructurings, strategic investments, joint ventures and demergers.

- Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Law

The SZLO team advises leading local and international pharmaceutical groups, and since its establishment, SZLO has represented one of Turkey's most reputable holding companies as outside legal counsel. SZLO's team is known for its outstanding industry knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector. Our team represents numerous health care companies in merger, acquisition, divestiture, and affiliation transactions and provides legal services on drafting and negotiation of various contracts including, but not limited to, joint venture agreements, distribution and supply agreements, license agreements, and trademark agreements.

- Commercial Contracts

SZLO's team has expertise providing legal advice to both suppliers and customers in multiple sectors on a broad range of commercial contract types, including management, technical assistance, license (trade mark and/or know how), distribution, supply, manufacturing, maintenance and support contracts.

- Corporate Law

SZLO's practice includes a large number of legal services concerned with how a business organizes and conducts itself financially. SZLO advises its clients during all phases of a business transaction including but not limited to establishing a company, representing clients in transactions and ongoing capitalization efforts, and serving as legal counsel in ongoing internal corporate matters.

- Labor Law

SZLO lawyers have exceptional experience representing employers from various sectors in all aspects of labor law. The team members guide the employer companies to be in compliance with evolving Turkish employment laws and help their clients make affirmative action plans and draft employment contracts. SZLO's main target is to provide its clients with sector-specific solutions and SZLO's team works side by side with the human resources managers of its clients to this end. SZLO endeavors to educate its clients on labor law issues through seminars at client facilities. The SZLO team's skills and expertise on structuring complex transactions such as collective lay-offs make it standout in this area.

- Dispute Resolution

In every part of the world, litigation is a costly process in terms of both time and money. Because SZLO approaches litigation from both legal and business perspectives, SZLO endeavors to promote an amicable settlement on behalf of its clients. If no such amicable settlement is reached, SZLO can represent its clients before trial and/or appellate courts concerning any type of dispute, controversy or claim in which they are involved.


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 Turkish Aviation Authority Issues an Instruction To Improve Social Gender Balance

On March 9, 2018, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the Turkish Republic (“DGCA”) published an Instruction on Improving the Social Gender Balance at Civil Aviation (SHT-TCD), which entered into force on the date of its publication (“Instruction”).

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 Crowdfunding: The Basics

The term crowdfunding was used for the first time by Mr. Michael Sullivan back in 2006, who was looking for financial support for starting his video project. Crowdfunding became a huge hit especially after 2012, allowing thousands of entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true.

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 Deletion, Disposal or Anonymization of Personal Data in Turkey

Data protection has become a significant concern due to the increased use of technology. Turkey took its shape in this progress and enacted several legislations in order to establish the fundamentals of data privacy and not to be left behind the international standards.

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 Yes, Urban Area Is Transforming in Turkey; But How about the Elaboration of Risks?

As a rapidly developing country with an emerging economy, Turkey spends substantial efforts to increase its activities in a variety of sectors; from energy to defense, construction, textile transportation, etc. Among all those, no other sector has been as vigorous as the construction sector.

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 Bitcoin - Facts, Mining, and Investment Safety in Turkey

Bitcoin is created by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, which is claimed to be Mr. Craig Wright, in 2008. Its informal currency code is BTC. Although Bitcoin was originally created for experimental reasons, it became today the most popular virtual currency. But what is Bitcoin and why is it so popular?

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 Cherry Picking the Governing Law in Turkey

Legal system probably has the biggest say in one’s life, as it governs almost everything from daily life of a person to his business relationships. While many similarities exist among them, legal systems vary across states and regions. Some promote profound personal rights, whereas others put more emphasis on regulating commercial/business life.

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 Drones and Privacy in Turkey

We had remote controlled cars when we were kids. By the time, we started seeing toys such as remote controlled aircraft, boats and helicopters buzzing around. Nowadays, commercial and leisure “unmanned aerial systems” also publicly known as “drones” have become the fashion and started to be used widely.

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 Newest Technological Sensation: Drones and Their Regulation in the EU

In the last decade, the world has experienced new highs in technological developments. Fast growing technology throwing new devices into people’s daily lives periodically. First, it was all about smart phones, then smart watches followed and recently, in the last couple of years there is a new sensation; commercial drones.

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 Mandatory Mediation in Labor Disputes in Turkey

Mediation, as one of the alternative dispute resolution methods, has been introduced into the Turkish Law system with the Law on Mediation in Civil Disputes (“Law”) (Hukuk Uyuşmazlıklarında Arabuluculuk Kanunu).

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 Data Protection; Progresses Non-Stop in Turkey

Turkey is working full speed to comply with continuous developments in technology and set the international standards and draw up the security requirements especially on personal data.

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 Turkish Aerospace Industries; New CEO, New Projects…

A Brief History: Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc (“TAI”) is a commercial company, 54,49% shares of which are owned by Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and 45,45% by, Undersecretariat for Defense Industries.

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 Surprised or Concerned, be of one: the Turkish Wealth Fund is Established!

Recently, there have been major changes in the shareholding structures of a number of main corporations in Turkey including Turkish Airlines, Istanbul Stock Exchange and prominent Turkish Telecommunication Companies. With this article, we took the liberty of giving you the updates on such in as much as detail as we can and provide you with the consequences that may arise in accordance with the legislation changes therewith.

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 A Card for Foreigners to Work in Turkey: Turquois Card

For many years, Turkey has contributed to the employment of foreign countries and there has been migration of workers from Turkey to many European countries.

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 A Brand New Law On Movable Pledge Especially For SMEs To Enjoy - Turkey

Recently, on January 1, 2017, the Law on Movable Pledge in Commercial Transactions[1] (“Law”) entered into force and prevailed the Law on Commercial Enterprise Pledge Law dated, 1971 and numbered 1447 (“Annulled Law”).

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 Comparative Legal Analysis on the Legislations regarding Corruption and Bribery in Turkey

This article is a comparative legal analysis, which points out the adaptability of the legislation in Turkey and the international agreements on corruption and bribery, whereas also points out the differences of the legislation between Turkey, India and United States of America on the contemplated subject.

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 The Amendments and Innovations Brought by the New Financial Leasing Law - Turkey

This article is a comparative study which points the differences between the Law on Financial Leasing, Factoring and Financing Companies and the repealed Financial Leasing Law.

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 Current Problems on the Pricing of Pharmaceuticals For Human Use in Turkey

This article addresses the reference pricing system used for the pricing of the pharmaceuticals for human use in Turkey and the current problems arising from such system.

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 Will National Employment Strategy (“NES”) be the National Emancipation Strategy for the Unemployment?

Various news and articles have appeared recently in the Turkish media reporting that Turkey is taking steps to solve its chronic unemployment problem by implementing major reforms to its laws. Evidently, the Turkish Government has been working on a legislation, called “National Employment Strategy” (“NES”) (Ulusal Istihdam Stratejisi), drafted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (the “Ministry”), since 2009.

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 Cape Town Convention

The Cape Town Convention is an international agreement that strives to provide a much clearer structure for international aviation finance. The Cape Town Convention augments the Chicago convention which was the primary source of regulation to governing the registration of airframes, aircraft, and helicopters. The Chicago convention only provided a very loose framework of international law regarding the nationality of aircraft.

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 European Single Sky Program

After the eruption of an Icelandic volcano earlier this year, it became clear that in order to be able to respond in a fluid and coordinated way to another incident; Europe must push ahead with the single sky project that was originally set to be completed by 2020 and have standards in place by 2012.

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 Newly Introduced Legislation in Relation to Joint Ventures - Turkey

With the enactment of the Communiqué numbered 2009/2, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 01.04.2009 and numbered 27187 by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (“Communiqué”), “Business Partnerships” or “Joint Ventures” (“JVs”) terms have been introduced to the Turkish Legal System.

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 "Montreal Convention: The Unification of Certain Rules on Damages in Air Carriage"

Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air ("Montreal Convention") was opened to signature in Montreal by the states participating in the “International Conference on Air Law” held in Montreal during May 10th to 28th 1999 for the purpose of harmonizing of the Warsaw Convention to today’s conditions.

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