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Shawn Sukumar, Attorney at Law, is a criminal defense attorney located in Washington, D.C.
Practice areas include DUI and traffic violations, suspended license, solicitation and prostitution, failure to appear, drug crimes, assault, domestic violence, expungement, theft and robbery, gun charges, student defense, and federal crimes such as drug and sex crimes, money laundering and embezzlement, child pornography, and conspiracy.

Attorney Shawn Sukumar has dedicated the entirety of his legal career to criminal defense. He clerked with the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia in the Trial Division, the Clark County Public Defender in Las Vegas in the Murder Division, and for the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council in Atlanta. And as part of Price Benowitz, LLP, he has access to important resources to help his clients with the criminal justice process.

Mr. Sukumar understands the layout and procedure of criminal cases and offers highly knowledgeable defense strategies. He is a dedicated legal advocate for clients, ensuring their rights are protecting and pursuing the best possible outcomes in the criminal charges against them.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Arraignment; DUI Drug Charges; Underage DUI; Operating While Impaired; DUI Without a License; Suspended License; Solicitation; Failure to Appear; Drug Possession; Gun; Student Defense; Federal Crimes; Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicles; Speeding; Driving on a Revoked License; Driving on a Suspended License; Driving without a Registration; Reckless Driving; Federal Conspiracy.


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Shawn Sukumar Attorney at Law
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