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Sidney L. Gold & Associates, PC is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and proudly serves it surrounding areas including the state of New Jersey. The attorneys specialize in employment discrimination.
They have practiced in both public and private sectors and have the experience to handle your case seamlessly. Attorney Gold and his team of knowledgeable lawyers focus on employment law exclusively.

He understands the ins and outs of the law and is well-versed with negotiation and litigation. Attorney Gold has dealt with wrongful termination, harassment, whistle blower claims, and more. They will protect your rights and strive to achieve your legal goals including getting you the financial stability you deserve for any wrongdoing.

If you were discriminated against because of your gender, sex, age, pregnancy, disability, or race, you deserve justice and compensation for your losses. The attorneys will help secure your future. They will defend your case relentlessly to ensure your dispute receives justice. You will receive compassionate yet aggressive representation for your employment discrimination case.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Age Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, New Jersey Medical Leaves Claim, Wage and Hour Overtime Claims; Disability Discrimination; LGBT Discrimination; Family Medical Leave Act.

Areas of Law Description

At Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C., we have success representing private and public sector clients in all matters of New Jersey employment law. Attorney Gold and associates focus only on employment law and successfully represent clients in complex issues. We are well versed in all areas of employment discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employment contract and The Family and Medical Leave Act.

For 30 years, our New Jersey employment discrimination lawyers have been at the forefront of change in employment law that has made the workplace a better place for employees and more structured for employers.


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Discrimination, Employees Rights, Employment, Qui Tam False Claims Act, Sexual Harassment


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Discrimination, Employees Rights, Employment, Qui Tam False Claims Act, Sexual Harassment

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Employees Rights, Employment, Qui Tam False Claims Act, Sexual Harassment, Whistleblower


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Articles Published by Sidney L. Gold & Associates, PC

 New Research Shows That Sexual Harassment Is Rampant Within Lower Paying Industries

Women in both the tech and media industries are very outspoken about the toxic workplace culture that enables sexual harassment to thrive. Many of these women have spoken out publicly, conducting interviews with the media and engaging in long legal battles.

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 Making Sense of The Stark Law

The Stark Law is a federal law which, in its first iteration, was first enacted in 1992. The general purpose of the law is to ensure that physicians are not personally profiting from referring patients to other medical providers. This law can be incredibly complex and interpretations of the law are still changing. Physicians must be aware of this law and what behavior is prohibited under it.

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 Tesla Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The tech industry has had its fair share of sexual harassment claims. As a male dominated industry, women are the minority in the tech field. Unfortunately, many face discrimination and harassment. Most recently, Tesla, the manufacturer of self-driving electric vehicles, is dealing with its own sexual harassment scandal.

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 Debate Over Medical Board Certification

There are many factors that individuals consider when choosing a doctor. While many of these factors may be personal ones, such as gender, age, proximity, or reviews from friends and family, one of the most important factors is often board certification.

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 Wage-Hours Efforts Uncertain

Two controversial employment guidance letters issued by the Obama administration are now being retracted by the new President and his Department of Labor staff. The two letters were originally issued by the Wage & Hour Division (WHD) and aimed to limit worker misclassification.

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 Handling Online Defamation of Physicians

With the growth of online review websites, physicians nationwide face an increasing risk of unwarranted defamation. No one wants to hear disparaging remarks about them. When statements are false and have a negative impact on a physician’s practice, the remarks are especially troubling.

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 Bisexual Employees in the Workplace

Although societal views about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) community are generally moving in a positive direction, many LGBT employees still face struggles in the workplace based on their LGBT status.

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 Pitfalls of Recruiting Workers

It is not uncommon for companies to seek out young workers for entry-level positions. Sometimes, this is part of an internship program in collaboration with a local college.

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 Online Harassment of Military Servicewomen

The Pentagon and Congress are facing heat regarding their stance (or lack thereof) toward sexual harassment and cyber bullying in a series of recent scandals in the military.

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 Common Legal Mistakes Made by Doctors

Health care is one of the most regulated industries in America. As doctors in private practice, a careful juggling act must occur between caring for patients, running a business, and ensuring legal compliance.

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 When Is a Physician Responsible for Stark Law Violations?

The Ethics in Patient Referrals Act or Stark Law was passed in part in 1989. Since its passage, the law has been modified frequently, most notably in 2010 with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

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 What Physicians Should Know About Restrictive Covenants

A restrictive covenant is a contract between an employee and employer that protects the employer from future losses when the employee leaves.

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 Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at Sterling Jewelers

Sterling Jewelers, the parent company of Kay Jewelers and Jared Galleria of Jewelry have recently had hundreds of former employees come forward with a variety of allegations, from sexual harassment to discrimination.

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 Additional Information To Pay Stubs in New Jersey

In March 2017, the New Jersey Assembly Labor Committee voted in favor of amending the current state wage notification requirements for public and private sector employers.

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 Penalties for Employment Law Violations

Continuing a recent trend, the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) have raised the penalties for violations of employment laws.

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 Kickback Fraud in the Health Care Business

Competition for health care business is strong. Every possible service from pharmaceutical manufacturers to providers of durable medical equipment has sales reps fighting for business.

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 Why Can't We Stop Sexual Harassment?

The law mandates that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) must investigate all federal harassment claims before they can go to court.

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 Hospitals’ Failure To Report Fatalities

In a recent report, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported that 12 hospitals in the United States failed to comply with their requirement to report device-related patient fatalities to the devices’ manufacturers in a timely manner.

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 Physicians Malpractice Rates

The first national research study of its kind shows remarkable disparities in the cases of malpractice and disciplinary actions against physicians across the country.

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 Self-Referral and Anti-Kickback Regulations

The government has several different ways of protecting the health care system from abuse and fraud. The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, enacted in 1972, penalizes anyone who offers something of value in an effort to encourage the referral of federal health care business.

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 Doctors Kickback Scheme

Doctors are held to a high moral standard. If that standard is not reached, there may be serious consequences. Such consequences recently were dispensed in Trenton, New Jersey.

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 Negotiating Employment Contacts

Whether you are a recent medical school graduate or a seasoned physician preparing for a change in your employment, it is important to know the basics before you sign a new employment contract.

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 Fired for Refusing a Flu Shot

As winter approaches, many people have opted to become inoculated in hopes of preventing the flu. Some people choose to forego the flu vaccine for a variety of reasons. This leads many to question if they can be terminated for flu shot refusal.

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 Physician Partner Agreements

The health care industry has been undergoing major changes in recent years. In response to the pressures that are causing these changes, many doctors are forming partnerships or merging existing practice groups.

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 NJ Town Passes Mandatory Paid Sick Days

With the passing of a much-debated ordinance, Morristown became one of several New Jersey towns to mandate paid sick days for private employees. The non-profit organization New Jersey Working Families First proposed the ordinance which they feel gives workers the peace of mind to take time off when sick.

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 Guidance Counselor Fired After Gay Marriage

A New Jersey Superior Court Judge recently ruled that a Catholic School guidance counselor fired after marrying her partner can proceed with her lawsuit. A former dean of guidance and basketball coach at Paramus Catholic High School was terminated after photos of her same-sex wedding were posted to the school’s Facebook page.

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 Can I Be Fired for Taking a Personal Day?

An article recently published by The New York Post tells of an employee whose boss threatened to fire him when he found out that he had taken a personal day to play golf. Employees take time off for a variety of reasons, but are there certain rules that apply to what an employee can and cannot do on a personal day?

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 Settlement for Victim of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in New Jersey can have a real financial impact on the victim’s career. Not only does harassment put the victim into an uncomfortable position, it can also cost the victim money if he or she chooses to file a claim against their employer.

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 Advocating for Those Facing Workplace Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was an iconic step in the right direction for the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. Under the ADA, those who had previously been negatively impacted by discrimination in the workplace could benefit from federal protection.

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 Advocating for LGBT Individuals in the Workplace

Americans in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community (LGBT) have fought for and won many rights in the past few years. While individuals in the LGBT community and their allies have made progress, much remains to be accomplished.

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 Teacher Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

A former teacher in Lakewood, New Jersey recently settled a lawsuit with the school district where she had been employed. The woman, who was 40 weeks pregnant with her first child, had been informed that she would not be offered employment for the upcoming school year.

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 Retaliatory Practices of Employers

Many employees see a job as a lifeline for finances and benefits and will do what they can to hold on to it, even if it means going unpaid for overtime or putting up with the discriminatory practices of an employer.

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 South Jersey Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers

Despite all of the progress America has made in the past 50 years with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963, sexual harassment and the glass ceiling still pose a threat to females in the workplace. Many women return to work after maternity leave to find their compensation altered or their position changed.

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 EEOC Shows Harassment Still an Issue

In today’s day and age, it is easy to assume that many of the hot button issues of days past have come and gone. The same jokes used in Hollywood films years ago are no longer regarded as funny, and each day women have more career and educational opportunities.

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 Musician Eddie Money Lawsuit

Well-known Classic Rock musician Eddie Money is facing sexual harassment claims as part of a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by his former drummer. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Money fired him because of his age and physical issues related to cancer. In a recently filed amendment to the original lawsuit, the drummer also claims that Money repeatedly sexually harassed his fiancée who is also named as a plaintiff.

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 Domino’s Accused of Underpaying Employees

Employees at several New York-based Domino’s Pizza locations allegedly were underpaid by at least $565,000 according to a recent complaint by New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman.

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 Sexual Harassment Can Cause Health Problems

According to a sociologist from the University of Maine, approximately 70 percent of women and nearly 45 percent of men have experienced sexual harassment at work.

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 New Jersey Hospital Accused of Race Discrimination

A former medical assistant at Bergen Regional Medical Center recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

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 Settlement for Racial Discrimination

Local 25, a northern New Jersey sheet metal trade union, has been ordered to pay $1.6 million dollars and other damages to African-American and Hispanic journeypersons who were victims of employment discrimination.

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 Sexual Harassment Suit Against Elton John

A Los Angeles, California police sergeant employed as a security guard and body guard working for musician Elton John has filed a lawsuit against the celebrity, claiming he was a victim of repeated incidents of sexual harassment, sexual battery, and battery while under his employ from 2002 through 2014.

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 Discrimination Alleged by Camden Police Officers

Three former Camden City Police Department officers have filed a lawsuit against the Camden County Police Department alleging racial and age discrimination.

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 Increase in Minimum Wage is on the Horizon

A United States congressman from New Jersey and several state political figures, including a state senator and assemblyman, are working together in an attempt to raise the minimum wage in New Jersey to $15.00 an hour.

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 Paycheck Fairness Act

Congress considered the Paycheck Fairness Act for the eighth time in 2015. New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne Jr., together with Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, reintroduced the legislation in an effort to ensure gender equality in the workplace.

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 Conscientious Employee Protection Act Keeps Whistleblowers Safe

When companies defraud consumers or the government they may go to great lengths to keep their activities a secret. Employees are often the best source of information when it comes to this type of wrongdoing, but may fear the consequences of speaking out.

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 Transsexuals Are Protected Under New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

As the transgender community continues to grow and become more widely accepted, the state of New Jersey strictly enforces the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD), which protects the civil rights of these individuals, including their right to work without the fear of termination or discrimination due to their gender identity.

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 Firefighters Sexual Bias Suit in New jersey

Rockaway Township and the Hibernia Fire Company 1 in New Jersey recently agreed to pay $100,000 to a former female fire lieutenant to settle a sexual bias lawsuit claiming she had to endure a hostile work environment and harassment because of her gender.

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 Paid Sick Leave for New Jersey Workers

The New Jersey Senate recently passed a bill that will require all employers in the state to provide paid sick leave to its employees.

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 Emotional Consequences of Workplace Discrimination

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) protects employees from discrimination on the basis of sex, race or disability. It also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who blow the whistle on unlawful practices conducted within the company.

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