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SIGNUM is one of the leading law firms in Kazakhstan, providing the highest caliber legal counsel to clients from all over the world, and currently representing more than 50 companies in Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Aktau and Aktobe, with future expansion to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

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 Certain Aspects of Law Enforcement in the Courts Concerning Financial Lease in Kazakhstan

In 2016, we participated in around 20 lawsuits—which can now be viewed as case studies—on the lessee’s default in performing the obligations in financial lease agreements. In view of these cases, we would like to point to certain issues that may arise in the courts. That being said, we do not aim to cover all the issues on financial lease litigation.

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 Notes from Practice: Pledge Termination in Kazakhstan

When handling client consultation on Kazakhstan law matters, we frequently face situations where, in approaching public bodies for registration purposes (be it the registration of companies/branch or representative offices, or the registration of encumbrances on movable/immovable property), we have to offer the client an ad hoc solution to legal issues.

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 Court Practice on Tax Disputes in Kazakhstan (Primary Accounting Documents – What To Refer To?)

We would like to share an interesting case on challenging the results of tax audit. The claimant is a taxpayer, and the defendant is the State Revenue Department.

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 Regulation of Payment Systems and Payment Services in Kazakhstan

The former Law of the RK, “On Payments and Transfers”, did not fully regulate interrelations of all subjects of the payment services market. Therefore, on 26 July 2016, the President of the RK signed the Law of the RK, “On Payments and Payment Systems”, (the Law) which came into force on 10 September 2016.

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 New in Settlement of Labour Disputes in Kazakhstan: Conciliation Commission

Most employers and employees inevitably face the problem of labor disputes, be it individual or collective ones. However, not many are aware of methods for settling labor disputes. With adoption of the new Labour Code, the procedure for settlement of labor disputes has changed considerably, thus, consideration of discord between employee and employer by conciliation commission has become a mandatory step.

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 Additional Tax Assessment Following Transfer Pricing Control Audit in Kazakhstan

Our lawyers have successfully defended interests of a client in litigation on tax dispute. According to the results of tax audit on application of transfer pricing, taxes in the amount of 800 mln. tenge were charged by the State Revenue Department (SRD). According to the SRD, the subsoil user during the oil export wrongfully included some types of expenses into the differential, and overcharged the amount of some types of expenses, included into the differential.

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 Compensation for Environmental Damage as a Result of Production of Commonly Occurring Mineral Resources

Our lawyers have successfully defended interests of a client in the court proceedings on the claim of the Ecology Department for compensation for environmental damage to the environment as a result of unauthorized COMR production in the amount of 3.9 bln. tenge.

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 Government Support of Investments in Kazakhstan

What is an investment project? What investment preferences are available and how to apply for them.

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 Kazakhstan Personal Data Protection: Crucial Points

Nowadays personal data protection necessity has very high value. Possession of the data in the hands of swindlers transforms into criminal instrument. Thus, personal data need to be seriously protected. Here's the crucial points of personal data protection.

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 Kazakhstan's Accession to the WTO: What Has Changed in Internal Employees’ Transfer (Intragroup Relocations)?

The accession of Kazakhstan to the WTO led to the changes in Kazakhstan legislation. We would like to focus on regulation of internal employees’ transfer (intragroup relocations) matters.

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 Kazakhstan's Accession to the WTO: What Has Changed in Trademark Use?

The accession of to the WTO led to the changes in Kazakhstan legislation. In this review, we would like to specifically refer to the matters of Trademark use.

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 Kazakhstan Business Code: What’s New?

On 30 October 2015, the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan (“RK”) signed the Business Code (“BC”). BC is a consolidated code that embodies basic legal acts on regulations of enterprise. The adoption of BC renders some regulatory legal acts invalid.

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 Liability for Irrational Subsoil Use in Kazakhstan

The export of crude oil and other natural resources is one of the basic sources of income of our country. However, the active development of the oil and gas industry is related to the increased risk in the environment.

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