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 Brain Injury Survivors Share Their Stories

In the United States alone, between 1.5 and 2 million people sustain some sort of brain injury every year. Around 90% of these occur in accidents, while 10% happen as a result of an assault. The Brain Injury Society recently held an event at Gaylord Hospital to honor those who have been affected by traumatic brain injuries and create greater awareness to the general public.

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 Questionable SUV Stability Causes Most Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents comprise only 3% of all vehicle accidents in the U.S. but most of these involve SUVs. There are no strict laws that prohibit the use of these types of vehicles and their inherent features and design do not offer a high level of security to its passengers, and so drivers should be extra careful when driving SUVs.

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 Caffeine as the Safest and Most Effective Solution to Truck Driver Fatigue

Despite the pressure to most truck drivers to deliver in a timely manner over very long distances, the solution to staying awake and free from fatigue may be as simple as a cup of coffee, as reflected in the results from a recent Australian research. Instead of taking harmful prescription drugs that may lead to side effects and even road accidents, it may be better for truck drivers to limit their solutions to regular intake of caffeine.

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 Brain Injury Awareness Month in New York

Some of the most serious injuries resulting from an accident are brain injuries, and the medical expenses that follow could put a strain on your finances as well as your family's. When pursuing compensation for damages, it is recommended that you engage the services of an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney to help you obtain the highest possible amount for your claim.

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 Speeding Remains the Number One Vehicle Accident Problem

While recent statistics show a drop in vehicular accident fatalities over the past ten years, the most common cause of road accidents needs to be given some attention. The combination of speeding and aggressive drivers is the main factor involved in motor accidents and state authorities need to implement more effective measures to help prevent these accidents. For now, individuals may turn to their personal injury lawyer in seeking compensation for pain and injury resulting from these accidents.

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