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Law Firm Overview

Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm is an Athens-based law firm with a vast experience in Internet Law, Data Protection and Intellectual Property Law. We counsel multinational companies as well as local private citizens and companies in areas such as social media, e-commerce and telecommunication, pharmaceutical, database companies. At Spiropoulou Law Firm we are experts on matters of personal data protection, collection and compliance, Terms of Use for websites and e-shops as well as End Users Licenses for software and computer programs. Our long term experience in the field of Personal Data Protection guarantees our capacity as counsellors and auditors for GDPR compliance.

Our office also deals with domain name disputes, trademarks, notifications to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority as well as to the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection in Cyprus. At Spiropoulou Law Firm we encourage Mediation. Founder of the Firm, Mrs. Elena Spiropoulou has special negotiation skills since she has a Masters degree in Strategic Studies, which includes: games theory, war theory, international conflicts and negotiation, and political analysis. She is an accredited Mediator. Elena Spiropoulou has been trained and certified by TUV Austria as a Data Protection Officer and in Spiropoulou Law Firm we are proud to offer our services as DPOs.

We support open source; translation and the official introduction of GNU GPL Licenses in Greece has been a project of our Office. Spiropoulou Law Firm actively participates in Free Software Foundation Europe Legal Team. Expert Partners in Spiropoulou Law Firm take care of corporate matters such as the foundation and formation of companies and non-profit organizations.

At Spiropoulou Law Firm, our goal is the faster and more efficient client service in all your matters. We love to resolve cases in the fastest and more satisfying way for our clients, respecting their valuable time and money.

Year this Office was Established: 2002

Languages: Greek, Italian, and English

Areas of Law

Areas of Law Description

At Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm, our goal is to provide fast and efficient client service in all internet matters. Our law firm deals with:

- Personal Data

We offer full litigation services as well as consultation and audit services. Our expert lawyers will help your business to full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We also offer audit services and GAP analysis. Lawyers of our firm are certified Data Protection Officers.

- Domain Name Disputes

Domain name is the verbal equivalent of a numeric group that defines the identity of each computer, at the time it connects through a server to the World Wide Web. As these numbers are hard to remember, we replace them with a verbal/grammar term of one or more words. This word(s) is the address we type in our browser in order to visit that website. In all this legal complexity surrounding domain names the answer lies in the proper legal support. The first step is the proper registration in compliance with the trademark or brand name of the company/businessman.

- Trademarks

Trademark is each manifestation of product identity or service which upon registration has all the legal prerequisites. Trademark is different than brand name, which is assigned to a different Public service, and the registration process is completely separate and independent from the registration of the associated domain name. Trademarks are divided in domestic and foreign, collective, European and international. The registration process must be performed by a lawyer at the Ministry of Development (Canigos square).

- Terms & Conditions for Websites

Terms of use are essential to every website which desires to function in appliance with the law and to provide safe services to its users. They are a legal text that bounds both the user and the site owner in order that obligations and rights are well known and unequivocal to both parties. The creation of these Terms of Use is a legal work that requires a lawyer. The malpractice of copying and mixing various terms of use from various sites is illegal and mostly leads to legal issues as the administrator or whoever creates them ignores basic legal matters and the applicant law to each website according to its subject.

- Works of Music

On-line radio stations, musical websites, even sites with content added by users are required to enter into an agreement with the Hellenic Society for the protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI). AEPI constitutes a Collective Management Organization of intellectual property rights, according to the provisions of the law 2121/1993. The purpose of the Organization, in accordance with the law and its statute, is the administration of intellectual property for all works composed and/or written in the past and all works to be written in the future by the creators/intellectual property owners of musical works that have entered into an agreement with the Organization.

- Contracts

A written business contract is the basis of each and every good co-operation. Whichever type of business you may have, the contribution of a lawyer in the field of contracts with your associates and employees is essential, especially if your field of expertise is Informatics. Contracts are also essential with your associates, partners and employees so that both employers and employees are covered in their obligations and rights. For informatics companies this translates to a well explained business relationship regarding e.g. copyright on software developed by an employee, etc.

- Non-profit Organizations

In the field of Informatics, mainly in the last few years, we establish mostly non-profit companies as they are more flexible and do not require as many members as unions do. We have watched carefully the development of this kind of business in Greece as we keep track of it since we deal with non-profit companies and unions since the establishment of the E. Spiropoulou firm. Furthermore, we provide legal advice to the Association of Hellenic Internet Users since 2003, we have held all the election procedures of the Union till today and its taxation matters, we have also participated in the elective committees of HELLUG.

- Company Law

We undertake the establishment of new companies or the legal backing of already established ones. In Spiropoulou Law Firm we pay great attention in the procedure of establishing a company because like in all things a good start is essential. Of great importance is a proper, well formed and long-range memorandum of association which will leave space to various activities and purposes as well as to changes. Where shares are included we make sure that all that has been agreed between shareholders is accurately expressed in contracts and regulations.

- Intellectual Property

In Spiropoulou Law Firm we have been involved with Open & Free Software and we are well informed on Intellectual Property matters as they evolve in Greece and worldwide. Writers, photographers and software developers in Greece and abroad ask for our advice on their matters. Even when the written conditions of a contract concerning a publication may seem un-negotiable and inevitable, a discussion with a lawyer can prove very useful especially to young and ambitious artists. We are very proud with the progress and works of our clients and that makes us even more supportive and eager to protect their interests.


Elena Spiropoulou Mrs. Elena Spiropoulou
Administrative Law, Art and Culture, Business Formation, Commercial Law, Competition Law



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