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Springstead & Bartish Law, PLLC is a Fremont, MI criminal law firm that represents clients in federal and state criminal defense cases throughout Michigan. We work tirelessly to achieve the best results possible for our clients, even those who are in the direst of circumstances.

Springstead & Bartish Law, PLLC is led by a former active-duty Judge Advocate General and two former F.B.I. Special Agents. This unique experience allows us to better understand what prosecutors and investigators think, how they will build their cases, the strategies they are likely to pursue, and the best means of countering the prosecution’s case and presenting a compelling defense. There simply is no substitute for this type of experience.

West Michigan is our home. This is important because we believe a criminal defense attorney is most effective when he knows the prosecutors as well as the judges on a case. Then the attorney can tailor the most effective defense possible to the case being presented by the prosecutor and to the judge presiding over the case. This approach has earned us a reputation as honorable yet formidable advocates. In fact, both Mr. Springstead and Mr. Bartish are Rising Stars according to Super Lawyers magazine in 2011.

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