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The Stark Law Offices, PC, under the leadership of Indiana Defense Attorney Gregg J. Stark, prides itself on over three decades of criminal defense experience in any city, town or county in Indiana.

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 The Advantages of Hiring a Skilled DUI Attorney, and What could Go Wrong without Legal Guidance

When you have been arrested for driving under the influence, there are many advantages in hiring a skilled DUI attorney - regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty of the charges against you. There is much that can go wrong in these types of cases, even if it is your first offense.

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 Hiring an Attorney in Indianapolis is Imperative to the Best Possible Outcome

When you've been arrested for driving under the influence, your first instinct may be to simply accept the charges, pay the fines and go about your business. The fact is, today the penalties even for a first offense are much harsher than they were even a decade ago, as lawmakers and ordinary citizens become more aggressive toward those who get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or drugs.

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 Consequences of Not Hiring an Aggressive Indiana DUI Attorney

Unfortunately, many individuals who are arrested for driving under the influence in Indiana believe they really don't need a lawyer, or that they simply do not have the money to pay for legal counsel. However, every reputable Indiana DUI attorney knows that the consequences of not hiring a lawyer can be far-reaching, touching every area of your life.

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 Guilty or Innocent, You Need a Capable Indianapolis DUI Lawyer When Charged with DUI

If you've never been charged with driving under the influence in Indiana before, you may believe that when you are, you can simply pay a fine and be on your merry way - not so. A skilled Indianapolis DUI lawyer will tell you that the penalties, even for a first offense, are harsh. Not only may you be subject to steep fines, you may be facing jail time, loss of your driving privileges and a criminal record.

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 The Purpose of Hiring an Indiana DUI Lawyer

What is the purpose of hiring a DUI lawyer? You may feel that you can handle everything yourself just fine, but the fact is that without capable legal representation you are likely going to face severe penalties and perhaps lose your driving privileges.

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 Are Indiana DUI Penalties Harsh? Know What to Expect Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Indiana DUI penalties are harsh, even tougher than in many other states. Driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances is something that is simply not being tolerated today. Before you decide it's okay to drive after drinking or consuming illegal substances, consider the penalties you may be facing if convicted for driving under the influence.

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 Indiana DUI Penalties and Why You Need a Lawyer

Indiana DUI penalties can be extreme; if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, it is essential that you consult with an Indiana DUI attorney right away.

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 Indiana Shoplifting Laws - What You Need to Know

Theft or shoplifting charges are taken very seriously in Indiana courts. Even though you may have done something you now regret and know that you are guilty, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Indiana shoplifting attorney.

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 How an Indiana DUI Lawyer Can Change The Outlook of Your Future

A caring DUI lawyer would be quick to tell you that there are some things you should never do when charged with driving under the influence. These are common mistakes, but mistakes you want to avoid nevertheless.

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 Don't Face DUI Charges without a Capable Indiana OWI Lawyer

When you are facing charges of driving under the influence, it's easy to think it's no big deal - but it is. It is a criminal offense capable of drawing serious punishment, which is why you need a capable OWI attorney on your side and by your side.

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 What to Do if Stopped for Shoplifting in Indiana

The economy continues to falter, businesses are looking at any and all ways to tighten their belts in an attempt to stay profitable. While it has become more difficult for retail stores to get people within their stores it has now become more a focus of business to control what merchandise is coming out of their stores.

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 Think Twice before Mailing Payment for an Indiana Speeding Ticket

Why would someone charged with a traffic ticket in Indiana hire a lawyer some have asked. People who retain my services overwhelmingly are those who have been ticketed before and have learned the financial consequences that await them. For those with experience with their insurance company or the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles; skyrocketing insurance premiums and/or loss of driving privileges are foremost in their minds.

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 A Lawyer is Essential to Your Freedom and Future

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you need the skills of a lawyer on your side. You may not think of this as a serious matter, but your freedom and future are at stake. An experienced attorney will make sure that you are treated fairly, and work hard to get the justice you deserve.

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