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Steel Law Group provides aggressive and experienced legal representation in all types of crimes, both misdemeanor and felony. No matter the case that you have or crime, you are accused of; we are dedicated to providing attentive and honest criminal representation, which is geared to getting you the results that you desire.

Spiegel Law Group was founded by veteran criminal defense attorney Matthew Spiegel. With over 750 criminal case handled, Mr. Spiegel has become one of San Diego’s most respected criminal lawyers. He defends every client he represents zealously, putting to use all of his experienced that he has gained over his years defending people in San Diego County. Mr. Spiegel has gained his reputation by getting results and giving his clients the attention that they all deserve.

An arrest or being charged with a crime can be a very humbling and difficult situation. It is extremely important that you understand your legal rights and that you are protecting yourself. An experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney could provide you with the help that you so desperately need. A good Phoenix criminal lawyer can ensure that you are doing everything possible to ensure that the justice system is not making you a victim.

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