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Stephen D. Hans & Associates, P.C. is an employment defense law firm located in Long Island City, New York. We offer legal advice concerning any employment issue.

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 New York Employment Defense Attorneys

Over the past few years, a proliferation of wage and hour litigation has put companies large and small on guard and underscored the importance of proper recordkeeping. Many small enterprises, especially restaurants, have significant exposure to employment violations, such as unpaid minimum wages, overtime pay, tip credit issues, etc.

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 New York Employment Law, Severance Agreements

The Perils of Poorly Drafted Severance Agreements - On May 3rd, the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division, First Department handed down a decision in the case of Johnson v. Lebanese American University (LAU) (You can read or download the decision from the court’s website) The decision revived a lawsuit filed by a former employee of the University who alleged that he was unlawfully terminated because he is gay.

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 New York Wage and Hour Laws, NYS Department of Labor

When It Comes to Employee Tips – The Rule is “Hands Off” - Among the many wage and hour problems that often trip up unwary employers, issues relating to the handling of employee tips ranks near the top. There are a myriad of ways that a business can make mistakes when it comes to policies on tips and their effect on employees’ pay.

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 Immigrants - Hiring Employees in New York

Since 2009, the Obama Administration has pursued its goal of focusing immigration enforcement efforts on attacking the demand, rather than the supply, of undocumented aliens. The primary means of achieving their goal has been a decrease in illegal alien roundup efforts and deportation proceedings (a highlight of the previous administration’s enforcement efforts), and an increase in the investigations of American employers.

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 New Connecticut Law Mandates Paid Sick Leave for Employees

Connecticut First State to Pass Paid Sick Leave Bill; NY Employers Wary of Similar Legislation as More Cities and States Debate Similar Measures.

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 Employment Defense Attorneys, NY Restaurant Sexual Harassment Cases

Within the last three years, the federal government has investigated both of Central Park’s landmark restaurants, based upon allegations of sexual harassment. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is now investigating the famous Boathouse Restaurant, located at the edge of the Lake on the east side of the Park, for allegedly permitting a hostile workplace environment to persist for several of its female employees.

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 New York City Comptroller Sued Again Over Wage Rates

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Metropolitan Movers Association (MMA), a moving & storage industry trade organization is suing NYC Comptroller John Liu for the second time in the last year for allegedly discharging his duties improperly in setting the prevailing wage rate for movers who perform work on contracts with the City.

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 Wage & Hour Violations Haunt NY Restaurants

Between wage and hour lawsuits filed by the federal government and those filed by plaintiff’s employment law attorneys, the New York restaurant industry has been hard hit with legal conflicts and costly settlements in 2011.

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 New York Wage Theft Prevention Act: Effect on Small Businesses

Corporate corruption that denied low-wage workers their rightful pay led to passage of the New York Wage Theft Prevention Act, which became a law in December 2010 and went into effect on April 1, 2011.

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 Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Abuse

Through approved FMLA leave of absences, companies allow employees to deal with chronic conditions, acute illnesses, pregnancies, or to care for ill loved ones. However, some employees abuse business owners by obtaining unwarranted leaves from work. When employees abuse FMLA rights, they create unnecessary and costly problems for employers and co-workers through absenteeism, overworked staff, a need for temporary workers, missed production deadlines, and eventually lost business.

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 Supreme Court Decision : Church Exceptions in Discrimination Cases

The separation of church and state under the First Amendment of the Constitution met another recent challenge.

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 Effect of New York City Humans Rights Law on Sexual Harassment Litigation

Sexual harassment falls under discrimination, and employers often find themselves treading on eggshells when it comes to sexual harassment.

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 Right to Work vs. Unions Move into the Spotlight as Election Issues

As jobs and the economy become driving concerns for the country, a number of states involved in right to work issues also are grabbing American’s attention. Indiana became a battlefield for varying political views and signed into law a right to work act in 2011. Now the right to work debate is gaining momentum in Michigan as well. Without the right to work, employees working for a unionized employer must pay union dues or face job termination. They have no choice.

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 Stephen Hans, Employment Defense Attorney, Does My Employee Own my Social Media Accounts?

Legal Implications of Leaving a Company and Taking Your Twitter Followers with You

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 Legal Risk Involved with Asking for an Employee’s Facebook Account Information

The latest slippery slope for the law and social media is whether employers have the right to ask employees or job candidates for their Facebook or Twitter account usernames and passwords.

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 Federal Government Was the Biggest USERRA Violator

The Washington Post recently reported that the federal government was the greatest violator of Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Labor Department Statistics obtained through Freedom of Information Act showed that in the fiscal year 2011, more than 18 percent of the 1,548 violation complaints filed through USERRA involved federal agencies.

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 EEOC’s Ruling in Transgender Discrimination Case

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently ruled in the case of a woman, Mia Macy, who filed a discrimination complaint based on gender discrimination.

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 Case Law Is Still Catching Up with Social Media Technology

As case law catches up with social media technology, more information becomes available to develop sound business practices. A recent report by Bloomberg BNA ( unveils worthwhile policies described by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Acting General Counsel, Lafe E. Solomon. The report focused on unfair labor practices that limit employees’ abilities to exercise their federal labor law guaranteed rights.

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