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Steve Kardell is an experienced lawyer representing whistleblowers in Dallas, Texas. The firm has been representing individuals victimized by those who abuse their positions of authority. Steve Kardell has litigated complex employment issues for over 35 years. He and the firm take seriously their responsibilities to handle each client's interest wisely and effectively.

The law firm practices corporate internal investigations and whistleblower law and provides legal representation in discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace harassment and other employment matters that results from you coming forward to report fraudulent or unethical activities. These include safety violations, fraud, misconduct, health violations and corruption.

Steve Kardell has the experience, sophistication and resources required to take on businesses and corporations on a wide range of whistle blowing and employment-related matters. The firm provides expert advice and representation and stands ready to use their extensive legal knowledge and broad experience to protect your rights.

If you are a whistleblower and have recently encountered difficulties in your job. Or you are an employee whose employer has directed you to engage in, or overlook illegal actions; Steve Kardell can help you with your concerns.

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Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Corporate Internal Investigations; Sarbanes Oxley; Dodd Frank Bounty Law; Corporate Ethics Terminations; Executive Malfeasance & Director Employment Liability.

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- Whistleblower

Our law firm represents employees, including corporate managers, who may be considering blowing the whistle on their company's potentially illegal or fraudulent activities, or who may be involved in an internal investigation after blowing the whistle on an employer.


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