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Law Firm Overview

Summerfield Browne Solicitors provides commercial and private client legal services and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We have locations in London, Market Harborough, Oxford, Leicester, Cambridge and Birmingham for your convenience, and serve clients throughout England and Wales.

Our broad range of corporate and business representation encompasses company law and corporate governance, contracts and agreements, litigation, patents and trademarks/copyrights, employment matters, commercial property, banking and finance, investments and regulations, business transactions, technology and software, internet and website laws and policies, and sports law. We serve private clients with matters related to professional and medical negligence, trespass and boundary disputes, personal injury, family and divorce, defamation, class and group actions, probate, insurance disputes, and civil enforcement.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers have all either worked for leading law firms or held senior positions in law firms. Summerfield Browne Solicitors provides open communication along with comprehensive and assertive representation.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Directors & Shareholders; Debt Recovery; Commercial Property; Injunctions; Engineering; R & D; Food & Drink; Building And Construction; Farming And Agriculture; NHS Claims; Professional Negligence; Road Traffic Accident; Trespass & Boundary Disputes; Civil Enforcement; MIS-Selling.


Mr. Christian Browne
Corporate Finance, Intellectual Property

Martin Gregory Mr. Martin Gregory
Commercial Law

Helen Monson Ms. Helen Monson

Hugh Mulley Mr. Hugh Mulley
Commercial Law, Corporate Finance


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Articles Published by Summerfield Browne Solicitors

 Disclosure Requirements under Insurance Contracts Governed by English Law

If you do not comply with Disclosure Requirements in relation to an Insurance Contract then this may Invalidate the Insurance Policy and/ or prevent a successful claim.

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 Can You Terminate a Contract for Breach of Contract in English Law?

Are you aware that in English Law you can in certain circumstances terminate a contract for breach where there is no express clause in the contract.

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 Pre-Action Litigation Dispute Considerations in English Law

Before issuing litigation dispute proceedings under English Law you must satisfy the pre-action protocol, since failure to do so may result in cost sanctions and/ or the claim being suspended. This article considers how to comply with the protocol.

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 Damages for Breach of Contract in English Law

Where parties are in a litigation dispute relating to breach of contract, it is important to assess the nature of any damages which might be recovered, prior to initiating any formal claim.

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 Express Grounds for Terminating Commercial Contracts in the UK

If you want to terminate a commercial contract then the starting point is to see whether the contract includes any express right to terminate it.

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 Formation of a Business Contract in England - Offer, Invitation to Treat and Acceptance

Contracts often become the centre of commercial disputes. The five necessary key components of a legally enforceable contract are offer, acceptance, consideration, intention to create legal relations and certainty of terms. If any one of these are absent, or disputable then it may mean that a legally enforceable contract was never created.

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 Limitation of Seller's Liability under Commercial Warranties and Indemnities in the UK

If you are selling a business then you should ensure that you minimize any ongoing commercial liability by limiting or excluding liability under the corporate warranties or indemnities.

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 What are the Different Classes of Shares in a UK Commercial Business

Are you considering offering shares to someone else such as an employee? If so you might want to consider offering them different classes of share which have different rights. This might be important to protect your voting and decision making power.

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 Patent Infringement – Initial Considerations in Defending a Claim in the UK

Are you being threatened with a patent infringement claim in the UK? If so, we consider how to respond to such a claim including analysing possible defences to the claim.

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 Termination of Commercial Contracts in the UK

Do you have an Exit Strategy in the event that a Commercial Contract does not work out for You or Your Business?

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 Transferring Shares in Corporate Companies in the UK

Transferring Shares in a Corporate Company is a key benefit of being a shareholder and owner of a Company. It is important to ensure that you are aware of the different circumstances under which you can transfer shares and ensure that relevant provisions are included in the company's constitutional documentation.

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 Corporate Shareholder Agreements in the UK – Strategic Considerations

Corporate Shareholder Agreements are a vital component of any collaboration and/ or investment and it is important to evaluate the strategic aspects or a Shareholders Agreement before starting the venture.

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 Corporate Shareholder Agreements in the UK – Practical Considerations

If you are considering a Corporate Collaboration then you will need to consider agreeing a Shareholders Agreement. Knowing what terms to negotiate and agree is the key to a successful Joint Venture.

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 UK Shareholder Litigation Claim for Unfair Prejudice

The rights of shareholders are not limited to rights in a shareholders agreement. Shareholders also have statutory rights including rights as a consequence of suffering unfair prejudice. In such instances a shareholder can bring a litigation petition.

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 UK Litigation Settlement Agreement and Release

It is important to consider settling a Litigation claim at any stage in the proceedings. Litigation claims can be settled using a Settlement Agreement and you need to determine what terms should be included in the agreement.

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 Commercial Matters to Consider in Setting up a Corporate Joint Venture in the UK

The chances of setting up a successful corporate joint venture in the UK are enhanced if you evaluate all the key issues well in advance of commencing the collaboration. The first consideration is to determine what those key issues are.

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 UK Corporate Contracts: Authority

In certain circumstances a corporate contract may not be enforceable where the other party executing the contract lacks authority.

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 Heads of Terms in Commercial Transactions

Ensuring that you are aware of what to include in Heads of Terms in Commercial Transactions and which clauses should be Legally Binding will enable you to negotiate deals with confidence.

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 UK Litigation Claim – Pre-action Protocol

In the UK prior to issuing a Litigation claim you should follow the relevant Pre-action Protocol. If you issue Litigation proceedings without following the Protocol then your Claim may be suspended pending compliance and/ or there could be an adverse Costs Order.

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 UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 – Key Changes for Sale of Goods

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 has recently been implemented in the UK. The Act provides for key changes in relation to consumer rights relating to the sale of goods.

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 UK Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 is being implemented in the UK.

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 Patent Infringement – Considerations in Determining if There Is Infringement in the UK

Protecting inventions can be a key component in building a successful business. Practical considerations in evaluating a potential patent infringement claim must be provided.

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 Have you Considered Registering a Patent? Here are Some Practical Tips to Consider Before Registering a Patent

Registering a patent can be complex, expensive and can take many years. Below we evaluate what you should be considering before applying to register a patent.

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 What Constitutes Passing Off Alternatively Known as Unregistered Trade Mark Infringement?

Are you aware that even if you have not registered a trade mark, you may still be able to enforce rights in your trading name or brand name and prevent others from exploiting it? If not, read this article for more information.

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 Trade Mark Infringement – Assessing the Merits of a Claim for Infringement in the UK

Brand identity and protecting it from abuse is key to the success of any business. Guidance on evaluating whether a registered trade mark has been infringed in the United Kingdom.

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 Useful Tips on Registering Trade Marks in the UK

Protecting your business brand identity is very important. This article analyses the legal grounds upon which a trade mark can be registered and the practical procedure for registering a trade mark.

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 What May Happen if you Breach your Director’s Duties?

If you are a company director you have certain duties which are owed to the company. What happens if you breach those duties?

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 What are Directors Duties?

Are you the Director of an English Company? If so you owe certain duties to the Company and if you do not comply with them then you are at risk of being sued.

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 Worried about Employees Taking Advantage of Your Business?

Employers should be aware that terms may be implied into an employment contract in circumstances where there are no equivalent express terms agreed between the parties. A term may be implied into an employment contract by common law or statute and they fall into the following categories: (i) terms implied in fact; (ii) terms implied by law; (iii) terms implied by custom and practice; and (iv) terms implied or modified by statute.

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 How to Protect Your Business from Exploitation by Employees

Are you concerned that some of your key employees have knowledge about your business which could in certain circumstances, if such information was exploited by the employee, damage your business? If so find out how to protect your business.

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 UK Employee Share Options – Enterprise Management Incentives Option

What can early stage companies do to retain key personnel when they might not have sufficient funds to pay competitive salaries? This article considers one of the most popular employee share option schemes in the UK.

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 Employee Incentivisation – An Overview

Are you looking to retain key personnel? If so this article provides guidance on some of the options to incentivise your employees and therefore increase the chance of the employee staying with your company

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 Intellectual Property Considerations in Relation to Commercial Joint Ventures

Determining the terms of ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights is a fundamental aspect of forming any commercial joint venture. This Article considers some important preliminary issues that the parties should consider and evaluate.

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 Practical Considerations in Setting up a Corporate Joint Venture under English Law

Are you thinking of setting up a corporate joint venture in England? If so then here are a few practical matters to consider before you enter into the joint venture.

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 Corporate Joint Ventures – Initial Considerations under English Law

Are you considering setting up a joint venture in Europe? If so you might consider setting up the joint venture under English Law. Here are a few initial considerations.

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 Shareholder Agreements under English Law – Basic Share Structure and Share Transfer Considerations

If you have more than one shareholder in your company, then you should consider agreeing the terms of a shareholders agreement which regulates the rights and obligations of shareholders.

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