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Susak & Powell, PC is an Oregon law firm representing clients in personal injury law, with particular experience in personal injury claims arising from vehicle accidents. With over 30 years of combined experience, our firm relates to the needs and concerns of our clients and has a thorough level of understanding and compassion for clients from diverse backgrounds.

At our firm, we evaluate every case before we advise the client how to proceed. Therefore, our clients receive comprehensive advice from highly experienced attorneys who have handled all aspects of personal injury law. After analyzing a case, we recommend a settlement amount to our client that will fairly compensate him or her. If our client is not offered that amount, we help him or her decide whether we should litigate.

We are confident in the settlement amount we recommend, as well as our determination of whether litigation is appropriate. Our record reflects our confidence, as our settlement recommendations are usually accurate when compared to the amount that we ultimately obtain at trial.

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