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Swiftlaw is an online legal technology platform that allows you to incorporate your business, create legal documents, register intellectual property (copyright, patents or trademarks) and register your business with relevant regulatory bodies from the comfort of your home.

Swiftlaw allows you to register your business in just 7 days.

Swiftlaw Law Made Simple.

Year this Office was Established: 2015

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Limited Liability Company; Sole Proprietorship; Incorporated Partnership; Tax Identification Number; Due Diligence.

Areas of Law Description


We help our clients register their businesses at the Registrar Generalís Department by simply completing one form on the Swiftlaw website .

The Swiftlaw website contains easy to understand guidance developed by qualified legal practitioners to help our clients select the best business entity suited to their (proposed) business activities at the Registrar Generalís Department.


Ghana Revenue Authority

Swiftlaw helps companies register with the Ghana Revenue Authority in order to file its relevant tax returns by completing a simplified form and submitting the relevant requirements* online.

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

Swiftlaw allows a company to register with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre by completing a simplified form and submitting the relevant documents
Creating Legal Agreements

We help our clients identify and create the most appropriate legal agreements needed to carry out their day to day business transactions.

All Swiftlaw legal agreements have been developed by qualified lawyers and vetted by everyday business owners to ensure that we have biding legal agreements written in simple English.

Intellectual Property

Swiftlaw helps its clients register its intellectual property via trademarking, patenting or copyrighting the relevant materials depending on the clientís needs. It simplifies and explains the differences in the three processes to allow the client make the best choices in protecting their Intellectual Property.


Swiftlaw allows its clients to make changes to their companyís composition by assisting them file resolutions at the Registrar Generalís Department.

Processes Agents

As Ghanaian company law requires that all external companies appoint a processes agent to receive the service of all court processes and other such documents on their behalf in Ghana.

Swiftlaw offers our clients the option for us to act as processes agents on their behalf by receiving the service of all court processes and such documents and forwarding same to them either by courier or electronically.

Ancillary Business Services

Bank Account Opening

Swiftlaw understands the hassle that opening company accounts can cause its clients and in keeping with making business simpler it offers assistance in opening company bank accounts.


Samuel Baddoo Mr. Samuel N. Baddoo
Banking and Finance, Business Formation, Capital Markets, Commercial Law, Contracts


  • The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

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