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 Search and Seizure of the Documents of the Enterprise by the Law Enforcement Agencies in Ukraine

The practice of search and seizure of accounting, tax and other documentation of the enterprise is quite common in Ukraine. Sometimes these law enforcement actions are explained by the presence of really strong reasons to form a reasonable suspicion of specific individuals in committing crimes in the sphere of economic or other financial activities, and the implementation of the criminal proceedings.

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 Ukrainian Asset Securitization - What Is It?

Asset securitization is the development and implementation of a set of legal measures aimed at the preservation of property. This practice has evolved in a separate area in connection with the increasing number of raiders, corporate conflicts with Ukrainian partners, lots of losses of already privatized objects, return of previously purchased objects from private property to the State, etc.

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 Provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement concerning the creation of a free trade zone will become effective on 1 January 2016. The decision on the application of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement to the FTA was adopted in September 2014 by the EU General Affairs Council. What does the Ukrainian economy really expect? Is Ukraine ready for free trade with the EU: barriers and opportunities for business?

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 Ukraine Taxation Information Digest

Today's realities of doing business . Recently, we have seen that the fiscal authorities do not apply at all "standard" methods of filling the state budget. Practice has shown that companies were not ready for such a phenomenon. The good news for business is that if you make a plan to protect the right and proper legal support both investigation and its results - a criminal case will "crumble" and the tax office will have nothing to assess.

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 Errors that Can Lead to Raider Seizure in the Ukraine

Today it is not a secret that the "raider / unlawful seizures" have become the norm and rather the rule of doing business than the exception to the rule, and both domestic enterprises and large foreign investors are suffering from unlawful seizures. What can be attributed to the notion of "raider seizure". Raider seizure - unlawful seizure of real estate, corporate law, intellectual property by other economic entities, physical entities and public authorities.

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 Moratorium on Ukrainian Land Not a Problem

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. It borders with Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland. It has on area of 603,700 km2 which is approximately equal to 5.7%territory of Europe or 0.44%of globe.

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 How to Take Your Child Abroad Without Consent of the Other Parent

Marriage between a man and a woman from different countries is no longer a novelty. Such unions are sometimes even very successful if families live in perfect harmony entire life and enjoyed every minute being together.

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 How to Prevent Seizure of Properties Raiders?

The press increasingly writes about the decline of investment attractiveness of Ukraine, reducing the amount of investment, including investment in infrastructure projects.

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 Ukraine for Foreign Investors: High Risk - High Profit?

Recently, the press increasingly writes about the decrease of investment attractiveness of Ukraine. This is indicated by both politicians, experts, and international rankings.

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 Online Love - Ukraine

Every day, we deal with complains where foreigners deceived by Ukrainian women. They meet Ukrainian women online; send them a certain amount of money in the hope to see them in real life.

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Videos Provided by Syutkin and Partners

VAT Refund in Ukraine - Capital TV Series - 24 Oct 2015

Selectivity, non-transparency, bad timing – that is what VAT is. As time passed, value added tax in Ukraine has got a role of the most corrupted tax. After a tax reform was implemented, the usual problems were complicated by “transitional period” obstacles. The business complains about e-administration’s improper work and automatic refund system mass-scale shutdowns. F.e., innovations that were aimed to exclude human factor and to easy up entrepreneurs’ life appeared to be new challenges. Nevertheless, the biggest problem of VAT in Ukraine is debt. The tax service “shrugs its shoulders” – money cannot be returned to business because of limits included in the budget. Nevertheless, experienced lawyers highlight the tendency – those who openly demand, through courts, in particular – still get what they are supposed to get by law. Those who stay silent – remain empty-handed. This is Capital, and our today’s topic – VAT refund.

Сorporate Wars _ programm KAPITAL english version

Corporate conflicts.
From whom the company expect trouble?
Avoiding corporate war in our own company and prevent the destruction the business?
What to do when conflict has broken calm of the company?
Tips & Warnings from expert lawyers and successful business.

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