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We are a team of Romanian lawyers characterized by experience, efficiency, confidentiality and passion for what we do.

Our professionalism, experience and flexibility lead to the possibility of developing a wide range of solutions that can be applied to solve our Clients problems, regardless

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Articles Published by Taralunga & Taralunga Law Office

 The Romanian Trade Register

Regarding its organizational structure, the Trade Register shall be kept by “The Trade Register Office”, which is organized in every county and in Bucharest, near the local trial court.

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 Setting up a Company in Romania

General information for foreign investors.

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 Forms and Modalities of Exercising the Lawyer Profession in Romania

How does a Lawyer in Romania can exercise his profession?

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 The Romanian Lawyer

General Information about the Romanian lawyer.

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 The Romanian Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney (POA) is the act in which the Romanian lawyer receives the authorization to develop a certain activity in the name and for the client, whether he is a natural or legal person.

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 Exequator/Exequatur - Recognition of a Foreign Court Decision in Romania by Court Order

Exequator is a procedure regarding the recognition of foreign judgments in Romania by court order.

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