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Ted Smith Law Group, PLLC is a full service law firm based in Harker Heights, Texas providing a diverse portfolio of legal services to clients throughout the surrounding areas of Texas.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Killeen Texas

Bankruptcy really is a tool that helps people get a fresh start when they are underneath too much debt. What we really try to do is help people feel comfortable with idea of filing. People come into our office feeling ashamed that they canít pay their bills. They are not bad people because they file bankruptcy. They are just in a bad situation. They need to feel good and that someone cares about them. I really strive to do both.

Killeen Personal Injury Attorney

We allow people to only focus on getting better after an accident. They can take the time they need to go to the doctor and focus on getting better. We will take care of everything else. Personal Injury law is the type of law people can do on their own if they have unlimited time and unlimited resources. The problem people find is that they have to go to work and donít have time. They are in pain and they need to see doctors. We will help them with the insurance. A lot of time people just canít do this on their own. We help people get their cases resolved so they have the time to go to the doctor and take care of their family. We fight the battle for them.

Killeen Social Security Disability Lawyers

Social Security Disabilty claims are people that have already been turned down by the Social Security Administration. Thatís where we come in. They are out of work. They have to support their families. Itís a very difficult time for them. We gather all the information thatís going to be before the judges that hear these cases. We analyze it. We prepare a presentation for to the administrative law judges that we hope will change their findings that the Social Security Administration will have. We hope for a positive outcome for the client. That happens quite often.

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