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Terrell Marshall & Daudt PLLC is a Seattle law firm with national reach that takes a "boutique approach" to complementary areas of practice: Commercial Litigation, Construction Defects, Eminent Domain, Employment and Class Actions.

Our commitment to these areas of law reflects the firm's belief in focused proficiency paired with seasoned experience. Our firm is comprised of experienced attorneys with the flexibility and knowledge to take on cases of all sizes, and the drive to deliver exceptional professional service. Our combined knowledge and resources provide clients with tailored solutions to their legal and business issues. Understanding the complex evolution and critical trends within these areas enables us to provide clients with focused insight and deliver high-quality service and results

Legal representation requires a seamless combination of talent, experience and understanding of client objectives. We have fused these key elements to diligently serve our clients' best interests. The attorneys at Terrell Marshall & Daudt PLLC provide professional and effective representation in complex civil litigation, including commercial law, construction litigation, eminent domain, employment law, and class actions. They are committed to provide high-quality legal services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Construction litigation and eminent domain cases can be very complex and require depth of knowledge in both the applicable law and the players in these areas. This is achieved by experience, hard work, commitment to legal excellence and personalized attention to clients' needs, whether the client is a small business or a landowner.

Construction and engineering are major industries and to complete a project on time, suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, engineers, owners and architects sometimes find themselves in complex legal disputes that must be resolved timely to keep the project's cost and schedule on target. We assist and represent clients in various aspects of the business of construction, including with labor and employment matters. We work with clients to resolve construction disputes, while making every effort to prevent conflicts by emphasizing risk management and planning.

Terrell Marshall & Daudt PLLC also has substantial experience in the area of eminent domain law. The firm's experience and skill is built on hard work, aggressive legal representation, and individualized attention to our clients' needs. We handle eminent domain and condemnation cases, representing clients against various governmental agencies and public and private utility companies with condemnation powers. The attorneys at Terrell Marshall & Daudt PLLC work to secure the constitutional guarantee of payment of just compensation for any taking of property and damages to the remainder property or business caused by the taking.

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