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The Babcock Law Firm, LLC is an experienced, dedicated law firm in Colorado. Our firm commits to your case from start to finish with aggressive, high-quality legal representation for personal injury, workers’ compensation and insurance dispute matters. The attorneys at The Babcock Law Firm LLC only

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 Compensatory vs. Punitive Damages – Understanding Personal Injury Settlements

The goal of any personal injury lawsuit is to prove negligence. Once this has been achieved, then there is a need to show causation. This is where the plaintiff needs to show that the negligence of the party is what led to any injuries. If an injured party can prove both negligence and causation, then there will be a determination needed for damages.

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 Video Footage Helps Injured Woman Obtain Maximum Compensation

The author explains the concept of negligence in relation to a slip and fall accident. Colorado personal injury lawsuits, much like in the rest of the country, hinge upon proving fault or negligence. When a person fails at fulfilling their responsibility, they can be held responsible for personal injury.

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 Carpal Tunnel and Workers' Compensation - Obtaining Benefits

The author explains the concept of carpal tunnel syndrome in relation to worker´s compensation. Colorado lawsuits, much like in the rest of the country, hinge upon proving occupational disease or illness. When a person is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she might be entitled to receive worker´s compensation.

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 Understanding Colorado Car Accident Negligence Claim

The author explains the concept of negligence in relation to a car accident. Colorado car accident lawsuits, much like in the rest of the country, hinge upon proving fault or negligence. When a person behaves in a thoughtless or careless manner, they are said to be acting negligent towards others.

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 Dealing with Your Car Insurance Company in an Accident

For most people, insurance is an important thing that's carried specifically for times of trouble. Unfortunately, using your car insurance company doesn't always seem like the easiest thing in the world.

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 Seeking Compensation in a Colorado Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

What if my insurance company avoids looking into my work injury claims or misleads me? All of your first-party insurance policies like car insurance, home insurance or life insurance owe you a duty to act in good faith. This applies to Colorado workers’ compensation claims, as well, as they have been interpreted to be similar to first-party insurance policies.

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 Obtaining Colorado Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

Enlist the help of an experienced Colorado workers' compensation lawyer to obtain the benefits you need to provide for your family. Denver workers' compensation attorney Mack Babcock helps ensure you are able to maintain your income during your treatment for an on-the-job injury.

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 Understanding Colorado Workers Compensation Benefits

We all work hard for our money to live, eat and play. So if we're injured on-the-job unexpectedly, we expect the promises afforded to use under Colorado's workers' compensation law to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, that isn't the case much of the time. Your employer and their workers' compensation insurance company try to find cracks in your story or situation – any avenue to avoid paying your benefits in full. They're a business, so their interests may not be entirely aligned with yours.

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 Getting Proper Care for Your Work Related Injury

What should you do if your workers compensation doctor is not providing the proper care you need. If the doctor your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier sent you to draws a conclusion you feel will not adequately address your injuries, there IS a mechanism to make a change…albeit not quite as simple as changing your family doctor.

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 Collecting Car Accident Damages from Colorado Government

The author explains the process if you’re in a car accident involving a Colorado governmental entity.

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 What Should I Do if an Uninsured Driver Runs into Me in Colorado?

Colorado laws require that an owner of a motor vehicle have a minimum amount of insurance in the event of an accident. Many drivers however are either uninsured or underinsured - they may have either let their policy lapse because they were not able to pay, or the policy they have simply isn’t enough to compensate you for injuries and damages.

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 Where to Find a Good Colorado Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There are many ways you can locate a Colorado on-the-job injury attorney. Once you have a list of three or four referrals, consult with each regarding your case before hiring one. Here are some of the resources...

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 Types of Colorado Workers Compensation Benefits

Understanding workers compensation benefits available to on-the-job injury workers in Colorado.

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 Injured on the Job? How to Report a Work-Related Injury on Condition

There are two requirements for an injured worker who needs to report a work-related injury. First, the injured worker needs to report the injury in writing to his or her employer within four days of the injury. Second, the injured worker needs to file a Workers’ Claim for Compensation with the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation within two years of the injury.

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 3 Types of Colorado Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Coverage and protection for injured workers in Colorado can be obtained by an employer in three different ways.

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 Oil and Gas Workers See Higher Probability of Workplace Injury

Obtaining workers compensation benefits for oil and gas workers in Colorado.

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