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Law Firm Overview

The Barber Law Firm is located in Plano, Texas and proudly serves its surrounding areas including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area. The law firm specializes in personal injury cases. In fact, the attorneys focus their time and attention on helping injured clients.
If you have been a victim of negligence, you deserve justice. The lawyers devote their careers to seeking compensation for your related expenses. They have experience with a variety of cases including car and truck accidents, work injuries, medical malpractice, premises and product liability, and wrongful death.

While you are recovering from your injuries, you do not need the added stress of trying to figure out your legal options. Our attorneys will eliminate any confusion you may have. They will answer your questions and explain the entire process including medical examinations, depositions, and settlement details. If you need to go to trial, the attorneys will prepare you for everything. You can trust their knowledge and skill because they have handled hundreds of personal injury cases. You will appreciate their honest legal counsel.

Year this Office was Established: 2008

Languages: English, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Defective And Dangerous Machinery Accidents; Trenching And Excavation Accidents; Chemical Exposure; Confined-Space Accidents; Welding Accidents; Improper Diagnosis; Improper Treatment Techniques; Negligent Emergency Room Treatment; Unnecessary Surgery/Treatment; ATV Accidents; Drunk Driver Accident; Hit And Run Drivers; Uninsured Or Underinsured Drivers; Rear End Accident; Defective Seatbelts, Tires, Roll Bars, Gas Tanks Or Other Vehicle Equipment; Agriculture Equipment Defects; Aircraft/Helicopters; Industrial Equipment Defects.

Areas of Law Description

Here are a few of the types of personal injury cases we handle:

- Defective Products

Many products are safely designed and pose no special risk to the person using them. However, a significant number of products that are improperly designed, constructed or fail to warn about hidden dangers cause severe injuries or death.

- Wrongful Death

When someone passes away, family members' thoughts are where they should be - with the person they have lost. Unfortunately, one of the practical decisions that need to be made as soon as possible is whether it is appropriate to pursue a claim against a person or company believed to be responsible.

- Negligence

Mistakes and accidents happen. But what at first glance seems like a mistake or an accident often turns out to be the result of a consistent pattern of cutting corners to reduce costs, ignoring safety regulations or misusing equipment. Proving such negligence can be difficult, often requiring review of thousands of documents and formal interviews of the many people involved.

- Automobile Accidents

When they occur, auto accidents can cause severe and permanent injuries. Such injuries often result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved and their families. Fortunately, the law provides an injured person with the right to recover money damages from the responsible party.

- Work-Place Injuries

If you are injured during work, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. However, if your company does not subscribe to Texas’ Workers’ Compensation System, the company may deny benefits for the injured person. In either case, we may also be able to pursue a claim against the company and get fair compensation for the injured employee.

- Medical Malpractice

When individuals seek treatment from a medical professional, they place their trust in that professional's ability to render proper medical care. When that trust is shattered by negligence or incompetent conduct, the consequences can be significant and long-lasting.

- Aviation Accidents

An aviation accident can occur as a result of bad parts, poor maintenance, pilot error, or FAA error. Aviation, whether as a hobby or for commercial purposes, always has risks. Unfortunately, even the most talented and prepared pilot can fall victim to defective equipment and human error.

- Construction Accidents

In some cases an injured construction worker may receive workers compensation to assist in the payment of bills and other expenses, but for many it is not enough to pay for expensive medical and hospital bills, lost wages, and other on-the-job injury related costs. The property owner, sub-contractor, general contractor, product manufacturer and certain others may be held liable when someone is injured on a construction site.

- Tractor-Trailer Accidents

The severe, debilitating and permanent injuries that arise from accidents with trucks result in significant financial losses to the individuals involved and their families. The law provides an injured person with the right to recover his or her damages from the responsible party.

- Premises Liability

When an accident or injury occurs to a visitor or tenant living on another person's property, the owner of the property may be legally responsible if it can be proved that their negligence led to the injury.


Kristopher Barber Mr. Kristopher S. Barber
Accident, Animal Bites, Automotive, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident

Matt Herzog Matt Herzog
Accident, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injuries

Jared Mullowney Jared Mullowney
Accident, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injuries

Andrew Strong Mr. Andrew Strong
Accident, Animal Bites, Automotive, Back and Neck Injury, Bicycle Accident


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  • Dallas Bar Association
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