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The Habashy Firm is a professional law firm specializing in consumers rights. Our process incorporates a number of legal methods, in addition to negotiations, to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Legal Debt Solutions offers a number of services including mortgage modifications, debt

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 How Does the Litigation Process Work

The litigation process is divided into four phases.

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 What is Litigation

Litigation is a legal process where parties argue their case against each other through the usage of discovery and court room procedures. Parties involved are called litigants. Each party assembles its argument supported by findings and facts.

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 How Does a Chapter 13 Work?

The court expects you to change your lifestyle. With trustee monitoring your financial attitudes, your case can be reopened to enlarge the payment, or dismiss it, opening the way for creditors to pursue you in a court of law with each creditor filing a separate lawsuit. This will translate into larger legal fees.

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