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Law Office of Arkady Itkin specializes in representing workers and small business in a wide range of labor and employment related claims, including wrongful termination, discrimination, ADA disability and accommodations at workplace, retaliation, hostile work environment, and other workplace issues.

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 Three Important, Commonly Misunderstood Concepts in California Employment Law

Defining and discussing three of the most important and commonly misunderstood terms in California employment law - wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment/hostile work environment.

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 California Employment Law: Understanding what "Harassment" Means

A California employee who plans to file a harassment action against his employer, must understand the key difference between the term "harassment" as ordinarily used in the language as opposed to the claim for "harassment at workplace" which is a term of art.

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 California Protection against Racial Harassment at Workplace

This article discusses several important but not commonly known aspects of California law on sexual harassment at workplace.

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 How to Effectively Negotiate an Injury Claim Settlement With an Insurance Company

This articles discusses a few factors that can make your negotiation of an injury settlement claim much more effective.

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How to Help your Lawyer Win Your Wrongful Termination Case

One important thing you can and you should do to help your attorney with your wrongful termination or any other kind of employment case is to share not only those facts that make your case better and stronger, but you should also share the facts that make your case more difficult to prove, and the facts that you know your employer is going to use in order to fight your case.

The reason that your attorney needs to know about all these bad facts is because it's much easier for him to address or to figure out how to deal with those facts early on than when he is surprised by finding them out during the deposition or during the trial from the other side. And no one expects you to have a perfect employment case, because there is no such thing. Every employment and every wrongful termination case has good facts and bad facts. There are facts that make your case stronger and easier to prove, and there are facts that would make it more challenging. It's perfectly normal and it's completely common. So, here are five types of facts, of negative facts that you might have in your case that you should absolutely share with your attorney:

1. Write ups and prior discipline .... You should share everything you know and everything you have about your prior discipline and prior performance issues with your attorney, whether fair or unfair....

2. Arrests or criminal convictions. Share all these with your attorney even if these are old events and even if they appear to you irrelevant. ...

3. Prior lawsuits against other employers. Share this information regardless of the outcome of those cases.

4. Incorrect information on a resume or employment application that you submitted to the employer that you are filing a claim against...

5. Any bankruptcies you recently filed and which are still pending or which you are planning to file in the near future....

6. Any kinds of writings or e-mails or any other communications that you wrote to your employer that suggest that you are angry, rude or insubordinate.

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