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 Speeding Tickets in Durham: Far Greater Cost than What's on the Ticket.

Good drivers get speeding tickets. The cost on the ticket is not what you will pay. If you are found guilty of speeding, you will see huge increases in your car insurances. This article explains how North Carolina points system works and how it affects your insurance cots.

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 DWI in North Carolina

DWI is technically a misdemeanor in North Carolina, but the aftermath of a drunk driving conviction will dramatically change the future quality of your life. Those charge with DWI in Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough or Chapel Hill will need an experience DWI lawyer to defend their rights. Understanding the foundations of DWI in North Carolina can help you make a confident choice of attorneys.

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 How to Prove Wrongful Death Law Suits

Wrongful Death is a complex personal injury is a civil matter that is often accompanied by criminal charges. Proving wrongful death is independent from the criminal charge and requires experience that only come with years of practice.

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