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The Law Office of Nors Davidson represents clients who are charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in San Francisco, CA. Because many people have been charged with DUIs due to an increase in enforcement, the law firm is there to help them. Lawyers at the firm work hard for their clients, reducing penalties and consequences.

Attorneys understand that their clients are hard-working people who have made a mistake, and they treat their clients with the respect that is due them. The lawyers also understand the differences between chronic alcoholic drivers versus the ones who have been caught once and vow never to do it again. Because of their knowledge of the differences, the law firm is effective in changing the outcome for their clients.

At the Law Office of Nors Davidson, the lawyers outline the various options for defense based on the police reports of the case. The firm also ensures clients understand everything they will face and what happens at each stage of the case.

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Articles Published by The Law Office of Nors Davidson

 What Is An Unlawful Police Stop?

In order for a police officer to pull you over on suspicion of DUI, they must first have probable cause to do so. If an unlawful police stop lead to your DUI arrest, you may have the ability to fight your charges in court.

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 DUI Drug Arrests and California Law

DUI arrests are not limited to driving under the influence of alcohol; they can include both legal and illegal drugs as well. Driving under the influence of drug (DUID) arrests can lead to both criminal and administrative consequences.

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