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The Law Office of Russell S. Babcock is located in San Diego, California. Since 1988, Attorney Babcock has fought hard to protect your rights. From border crimes to white-collar crimes, he will gladly defend you in court. When you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney, the law firm is ready

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 Federal Minor Role is Major

Much of my practice deals with defending individuals who import methamphetamine into the United States. Anyone who has practiced federal criminal law knows that the penalties are daunting. In many case a defendant would receive less time for attempting to escape and running over and seriously injuring a custom’s agent than for the charge of importation of methamphetamine.

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 The Most Important Tool of Persuasion

I was fortunate enough to learn a lesson more than thirty years ago. It was my first year practicing law with a civil firm. They sent me to Arizona District Court to argue an important motion.

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 A Proposal for More Fair Federal Drug and Narcotics Law Sentencing

Every day at the San Diego (San Ysidro)-Tijuana border alone, dozens of people try to smuggle methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin into the United States.

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 Federal Criminal Defense: The Other Side of the “Safety Valve”

Today, I am going to speak out against one of those sacred cows for the federal defense lawyer, 18 U.S.C. § 3553 (f), the Federal Safety Valve.

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 The Federal Sentencing Battle

The overhaul of federal sentencing law with the enactment of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, (U.S.S.G.) , had a noble but flawed goal The basic idea was that sentencing uniformity and therefore fairness could be achieved by reducing the myriad acts of criminal behavior and offender characteristics to a number.

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 A Tip for a Successful Cross-Examination( Tip #1)

Effective cross-examination is a true art. Everyone is a unique communicator and has a different way of getting a point across in the courtroom.

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 Five Reasons to Never Waive Oral Argument in a Criminal Case

So that dreaded notice arrives inviting oral argument. Strangely, I have learned that many of my colleagues simply put the notice aside and let the time run out, or they send the notice back waiving oral argument. I believe it is generally a big mistake to waive and I am here to explain to you the five reasons why I feel that way:

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 Three Giant Steps Forward for Federal Criminal Law

While the country has been focused on ISIS and issues with domestic espionage, the current administration under United States Attorney General Eric Holder has made three major changes in federal sentencing law.

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 Federal Sentencing: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

When I think of a judge imposing a federal sentence, my mind often drifts to the Wizard Of Oz and that little masked man standing behind the curtain.

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 Reduction in Federal Drug Penalties: “Just Say No”

Attorney General Eric Holder “gets it.” He understands that the federal prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders. During his administration, there has been the biggest overhaul of federal sentencing in drug cases in more than twenty years.

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 Suspension and Deferral of Deportations: A Band-Aid Covering the Tumor

Congress and President Obama have both taken recent steps in passing two measures that move in the right direction to solve the immigration crisis in the United States.

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 Five Ways Not to Become a Blind Mule

Yes, it does happen. While the majority of those who are arrested at the international border with cars laden with narcotics know that of their illicit cargo, there are the occasional blind mules –those who were duped by strangers, business associates or even loved ones to carry the contraband.

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