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Law Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley is a criminal defense firm located in Rolling Meadows, Illinois and serves clients throughout the Chicagoland region, including Cook, DuPage, McHenry, Lake, and Kane Counties.
Practice areas encompass juvenile crimes, retail theft and shoplifting, white collar crimes, assault and battery, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, probation violations, traffic offenses, and DUI/DWI as well as license reinstatement.

Attorney Christopher M. Cosley has nearly 20 years of experience, and his legal career includes time spent as a former Assistant Stateís Attorney, Lead Prosecutor in the DUI division as well as a Prosecutor in the felony division. With his knowledgeable perspective, Mr. Cosley has insight into how the stateís prosecutors may look at potential litigation, and he can devise a defense with his knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each case.

The Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley is dedicated to ensuring clientsí rights are protected and working to obtain the best possible results in their felony and misdemeanor charges with zealous advocacy and skilled representation.

Year this Office was Established: 2003

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Construction Zone Ticket Defense; Violations of Orders of Protection; Stalking; Harassment; Threats; Driver's License Reinstatement; Armed Robbery; Aggravated Battery; Property Crimes; Forgery; Auto Theft; Driving without a Valid Driverís License; Underage Drinking; Vandalism; Criminal Damage to Property; Zero Tolerance; Repeat & Felony DUI; DUI without Insurance; DUI Accidents; Hit and Run; Fleeing and Eluding an Officer; Reckless Homicide; Vehicular Manslaughter; Indecent Exposure; Sexual Assault; Speeding Tickets; Reckless Driving; Mortgage Fraud; Check Fraud; Extortion; Counterfeiting; Conspiracy.

Areas of Law Description

Attorney Christopher M. Cosley provides resourceful, dedicated and effective legal help to individuals throughout the greater Chicago area who are facing various felony and misdemeanor charges such as the following:

- Assault and Battery Defense

Assault and battery can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the circumstances of the incident. Attorney Christopher M. Cosley is a tough criminal defense attorney experienced in handling assault and battery cases. A former prosecutor, he is dedicated to obtaining the best possible result for his clients whether that is acquittal, reduced charges, deferred prosecution or another outcome.

- Construction Zone Ticket Defense

You have the right to defend yourself against traffic violations including those that occur in a construction zone. A good traffic defense attorney can help you protect your driving record and privileges. Our firm is experienced in defending clients in a wide variety of traffic matters. We assess the circumstances of the violation to provide an effective defense. Additionally, we can assist in reinstating driving privileges that have been revoked.

- Domestic Battery/Violence

Domestic battery (sometimes referred to as domestic violence) is an emotionally charged issue. The accused abuser can face an uphill battle of clearing his or her good name. Domestic battery can affect entire families and sever relationships forever. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we provide vigorous defense for individuals who are facing domestic battery charges. We provide comprehensive help, handling issues such as restraining orders, spousal abuse and child abuse.

- Driver's License Reinstatement

When you have a suspended license, getting to work, running errands and performing other daily tasks can be difficult. Options are available to people who have a suspended license. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we can inform you of these options and represent you in a driverís license reinstatement hearing. We have a high success rate in obtaining restricted driving permits and full reinstatement of driverís licenses.

- Drug Crimes

The Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley defends individuals facing various Illinois felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Attorney Christopher Cosley is a former Assistant Stateís Attorney and a former prosecutor in the Felony and Drug Division. He is familiar with the legal tactics of prosecuting attorneys and uses this knowledge to his clientsí advantage. Our firm defends the rights of those who have been charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes related to the following types of drugs and related charges.

- Felony Defense

Felony charges are serious charges that require legal help from a lawyer who is dedicated to the most favorable outcome possible for the situation. For some people, that may involve having the charges reduced to a misdemeanor. For others, a favorable outcome may involve deferred prosecution. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we evaluate the charges and mitigating circumstances of each case. We bring forward a thorough and strong defense on behalf of each client. Ultimately, we work toward an outcome that protects your freedom and your future and defends your rights in the process.

- DUI Defense

Attorney Christopher M. Cosley is the former lead prosecutor in the DUI division of the Illinois state courts. He has received special training regarding various aspects of drunk driving charges and has experience trying cases based upon various factors of a drunk driving stop and arrest. This includes experience in the accuracy, calibration and administration of the breathalyzer, storage of blood test samples, BAC readings and other items of evidence.

- Expungements

At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, expungement attorney Christopher M. Cosley provides representation to adults and juveniles throughout the greater Chicago area who have been charged with a criminal offense, and who would like a second chance to right their wrongs through the process of expungement. Our law firm has in depth experience with handling cases involving DUI offenses, traffic offenses, license reinstatement, drug charges, domestic violence, and all juvenile matters.

- Juvenile Defense

In the state of Illinois, any person under the age of 17 who has been charged as an adult with a criminal offense must by law secure the representation of a private lawyer. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we provide experienced and effective defense to juveniles facing criminal charges. We believe all young people deserve a second chance. Attorney Christopher Cosley is committed to seeing that your child gets that chance. A juvenile crime need not interrupt your loved oneís life. With experienced help, you can get your son, daughter or loved one back on track.

- Repeat & Felony DUI

Conviction of a felony DUI (also called an aggravated DUI) has serious and permanent consequences. A felony DUI conviction remains on an individualís criminal record for life. Driverís licenses can be suspended for years and prison time may be served. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we provide vigorous defense to people facing felony DUI charges. We seek the best possible outcomes on behalf of our clients, striving to protect their rights, futures and freedoms.

- Retail Theft and Shoplifting Defense

Charges of retail theft, also known as shoplifting, are very serious in the State of Illinois. These offenses can carry stiff penalties and a host of other consequences. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to protecting your rights, your freedom and your reputation. A former prosecutor, Attorney Christopher M. Cosley is experienced in handling a wide variety of criminal defense cases including retail theft and shoplifting. He uses his experience as a former Assistant Stateís Attorney to benefit his clients and aggressively defend their rights.

- Sex Crimes

Conviction of a sex crime results in serious consequences that can affect various areas of a personís life, including employment opportunities and personal relationships. A person who is convicted of a sex crime will be required to register as a sex offender. Sex offender registry is a frightening reality that can tarnish a personís freedom and reputation. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we provide effective criminal defense to people facing various types of sex crimes charges.

- Traffic Offenses

Every Illinois driver has two records: a public record and a court record. At the Law Offices of Christopher M. Cosley, we provide legal help to people who have been charged with traffic violations. We offer resourceful and experienced defense to ensure a traffic offense stays off public record. We can help you avoid increased insurance rates, driverís license suspension and other consequences of a traffic violation conviction.

- White Collar Crime Defense

White collar crime cases can be complicated. Itís important to hire a defense lawyer who understands the complexities of white collar crime and how to mount a strong defense. Attorney Christopher M. Cosley is an experienced defense attorney skilled in defending clients in white collar crime cases. Our firm handles numerous white collar crime matters including: embezzlement, fraud, money laundering, extortion, bribery, counterfeiting, forgery, and conspiracy.


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